putting decking on paving slabs

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again the chief will ask you to put on some goggles, but this time they are thermal. put them on and take note of the 'hot' dots along the wall. pull your gun out. shoot the cop that is standing underneath the camera. when he hits the deck, assume the same spot he was in. there will be a concrete slab that will not let you fall into the

how to build a patio - cbs news

how to build a patio. traditionally, to install a slate patio you would have to hire a contractor to pour a concrete slab, then mix up some more concrete, set each individual stone, and then

diy steps for building a deck over a patio slab: the low

even if we removed the austere concrete slab, the patio door threshold was barely above grade. but because of his persistence his patio area took on a remarkable transformation, and we came up with a solution that can be a benefit to many who would love to have a deck in place of their concrete patio slab. here’s how:

how to specify suspended slabs on metal deck concrete

engineers who design slabs on metal deck aren’t thinking about the contractor; they don’t have any real design guidance concerning deflection or crack control or how the tolerances can be different between the concrete and the steel. as a contractor, therefore, don’t be afraid to talk to the

build a floating deck over concrete - nexgen decking

building a floating deck over concrete is one of the best ways to expand your living space while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. by building a floating deck made with capped composite decking materials, you can swiftly transform a drab or dated concrete slab into a captivating living oasis for you and your guests.

ground level decking - on slabs or just gravel? diy

i am putting deck bearers onto discrete concrete paving slabs (approx 9" gap between the slabs) - the slabs are laying directly onto compacted earth. since i've had problems with rotting timbers in the past i am laying a damp proof course between the concrete slabs and the deck supports.

how to build a deck over a concrete patio

before! a badly damaged concrete deck slab. this was the ultimate bad patio: severely cracked and cratered, some areas raised by frost, others sunken after 50 years of settling. originally, it was tiled, then the tile was chiseled off and the pockmarked surface got a coat of paint.