pergola and hill gardens

walking in london

earlier today i saw a post from the lovely suzie speaks blog about inexpensive things to see or do in london. so i thought i should add information about the beautiful pergola and hill gardens. these gardens are my favourite free thing to visit in london. they are also probably one of north londons best kept secrets i assume the lucky locals would like to keep this as a secret treasure

the hill garden

the pergola walk, linking the formal gardens of the main house and the more gentle lawns of the lower garden is the main feature. the dramatic contrast between the towering trees of west heath and exotic plants climbing the graceful pergola offers a unique experience. the fill for the walk was obtained from the northern line excavations.

hill garden and pergola attractions in hampstead, london

a favourite of local artists, this formal arts and crafts garden, created between 1910 and 1925 by thomas mawson for soap magnate lord leverhulme and restored i. near hill garden and pergola.

hampstead pergola and hill gardens

hampstead pergola and hill gardens. dont leaf it too late see what i did there? to explore london in the autumn. as leaves turn burnished gold and crimson, it really is a beautiful time to see the city. and one of the most beautiful places has to be the hampstead pergola and hill gardens.

the hill garden and pergola

the hill garden and pergola is a beautiful setting for film and photographic shoots, but please be aware that these do require permits. we welcome applications for engagement, wedding and civil partnership photography, portraits, commercial and student shoots.

the pergola and hill garden

the pergola and hill garden is one of my favourite places in london. it's a beautiful garden with a tranquil, secretive feel to it, hidden away in the western part of hampstead heath, between hampstead and golders green.

roses in pergola design garden redwood hill homes

pergola designs will not deny that we will feel cool and attractive when walking under the shade of trees, watching the flowers bloom in their own beautiful garden. it often makes us sleep better, deeper after a tired day. to achieve this, we can create space for a garden, covered with a pergola in