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garden is no exception, either. it is a fact that the sorceress is planning to use this garden as her base. we have very few options available to us. we entrust world peace, and the future to you. details of the mission are enclosed in these official orders." [he gives them out to squall.]

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the main part of this guide will be the locations, as they will detail everywhere your character can go, along with what can be done there. *timber wolf: worse even than the black wolf, i always found these in packs. this guy is a huge jerk. lobbing spells at you from behind a wall of skeleton warriors and olms, he should be a priority

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resawn timber co. provides charred and non-charred new and reclaimed wood products for architectural specifications for interior wall and ceiling cladding. our carefully curated offering includes modern finishes on reclaimed woods and newly harvested wood species.

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detail design - timber cladding basic principles in principle, any timber cladding should be designed as a rainscreen. assuming that the cladding will always be subject to some penetration of moisture, a separate protective membrane will be necessary behind the cladding largely protected from wind, rain and daylight by the cladding itself.

appendix 8: timber frame detailing

detail in a timber frame wall with block and render external cladding. note: window and door heads must have cavity trays and dpcs to protect the timber framing at the heads of their openings. open perpends must be installed to discharge moisture from the cavity. section detail (not to scale)

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cladding membrane. timber frame properties: the inner wall structure should be fitted with a breather membrane.this serves to seal the building against damp and weather penetration. as such it should be highly durable and tear resistant in accordance with type 1 membranes in bs4016.