tounge groove composite decking

what is tongue and groove decking? with pictures

tongue and groove decking refers to boards of wood or composite material that are cut or molded with a groove a long notch in the side of the board on one edge and a protrusion called the tongue on the other. the tongue is cut to fit snugly into the groove of the adjacent board,

how to install tongue and groove decking

aside from the tongue and groove decking kit, you will need to have a few everyday tools and a basic knowledge of diy will help you a lot. step 1-preparing the decking. assuming you have a simple rectangular area which you are going to apply the decking to, simply cut all of the floor planks to the same length.

genovations deck

the last thing you want is a foot injury from an exposed fastener. genovations tongue and groove system eliminates exposed fasteners. its slip-resistance, measured in a coeffecient of friction, is nearly identicly whether wet or dry and is ada approved.

seven trust

capped composite. a combination of reclaimed wood, sawdust, and plastic materials, seven trust capped composite decking is incredibly green and extremely durable. their decking products are designed to outperform, outlast, and outdeck all others. this low maintenance product also comes with a 25-year stain and fade warranty.

5 advantages of tongue and groove decking

composite tongue and groove decking is an easily installed material that will hold up for many years with very little maintenance. this cost effective material is well worth the price in what it will bring to you and your family.

porch decking

tongue and grooves = drainage channels. to ensure no water got trapped between the individual pieces of wood decking, the carpenters ran each individual strip of wood perpendicular to the front wall of the house. that way the seams between the pieces of wood acted as natural conduits for the water to drain to the end of the porch at

tongue and groove decking

maximum moisture content is 19% for 2 x 6, 3 x 6 and 4 x 6. decking is machined to a single or double tongue and groove evis pattern. decking pieces may be of specified length or random length. all layup arrangements except controlled random layup require that the specifier indicate the required lengths.

loose timbers and glulams, tongue and groove decking

loose timbers and glulams, tongue and groove decking. tongue and groove decking is installed as ceiling material in many structures containing timber trusses or loose beams. customers often like to have the decking sourced and packaged with trusses or beams for several reasons. these include matching species and appearance,