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enter the classroom to find a note written in d'ni. exit the classroom. the other metal room leads to what is known as the egg room, but it isn't working right now. open the wooden door and enter the linking room. before going to the wood stand in the middle of the room, open the wooden door across from the first one.

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how to insulate suspended timber floors. there are a few ways to insulate a suspended floor, but the best, most breathable way is to hang insulation under the floorboards. this insulates the floor, but still allows some air to circulate, preventing the timber from getting damp and rotting.

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3 blocked external vents to ground floors - the void underneath a suspended floor must be ventilated to prevent a build-up of moisture, as excessive moisture can lead to low-level dampness in the walls and will eventually decay a suspended wooden floor.

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suspended floors. a suspended concrete floor is a floor slab where its perimeter is, or at least two of its opposite edges are, supported on walls, beams or columns that carry its self weight and imposed loading.

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knock over the 3rd ball then swing through a series of ropes to reach the fenced area. once you reached the fenced area, collect the 3rd jigsaw puzzle below the green table on your left. proceed to the open hole. break the fragile wood as you enter this area. collect the 4th jigsaw puzzle inside. use the spring up ahead. swing through the plungers.

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different types of ground floor suspended flooring . suspended timber floors need to have spaces underneath ventilated via air 'bricks' through the outer walls and gaps in any internal walls so that the air can move across the building underneath the floors to prevent the build up of moisture in the timber which could lead to fungal attack.

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suspended floors, and solid floors; a suspended floor is a specialist construction made of a solid concrete floor, a system of sleeper walls and timber joists, upon which sits a supported timber floor. this type of floor allows home owners to run electrical wires and other such elements under the floor boards.