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who is responsible for repairing fence

the rule is that you are responsible for the fence at the right hand side of your property. you will need to approach your neighbour over this. the deeds of your property will show this is the case if you need back up.

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boundary dispute. in that way, you will hopefully put his mind at rest. when putting up a fence, custom dictates that the posts are entirely on your land and the face of the fence, points to your neighbours. it is worth is giving up an inch or two of your land to avoid it going onto next door and creating a dispute.

which fence is right for your home?

if you live in an area prone to extreme weather, an aluminum fence may be the best choice for your home. chain link is also one of the more stable options in fencing. vinyl fencing has its own set of positive attributes but tends to be the type of fencing more prone to breakage during severe weather and heavy use.

am i legally required to face the smoothe side of my fence

your neighbour is wrong if he thinks your are legally obliged to face the best side to him.it is a gesture of goodwill to do this and unless your neighbour is willing to pay half the costs they have no say.we have done a lot of fencing over the years and have never had any action against us as the person paying for the fence has the choice.dont

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if fence is on your side or straddling the line which should have triggered a disputed boundary issue at title insurance time then it should show on your survey - if it does not show, then probably on neighbor's property entirely.

which side of the fence is yours?

which side of the fence is yours? 5th aug 05 at 12:10 am 1 ; if this is in the wrong place please could a mod move it. which side of the fence do you own is it the left or right? i always thought it was the right but our neighbour seems insistant that its the left and he told the other neighbour this as well. i have tried looking on the net

is this my fence or my neighbor's fence?

understanding that a fence is yours, your neighbors or belongs to both of you can also be helpful. remember to treat neighbors as youd like to be treated and be positive as you build or fix your fence.

which fence is yours?

check your deeds. but as a general rule stand and look at house from garden. fence to right is yours. normal legal definition and the standard arrangement in new houses. corner plots can be slightly different.

property line and fence laws in new york

property line and fence laws in new york. however, it can be difficult to prove your neighbor's intentions, so you should also check with your city, neighborhood association, and relevant covenants, conditions, and restrictions for local rules regarding fence height, materials, and aesthetics.

boundary fences and fences and boundaries

you could leave the old fence exactly where it is and erect your own fence right alongside of your neighbour's fence. so there are now two fences, one on your land and one on your neighbour's land. the boundary, being a line of no thickness, would then run between the two fences even if those fences are touching each other.

when building a fence, do posts go on my side or

learn the laws. typically, a town will limit the side and back of your fence to 6 feet and the front of your fence to 4 feet. these restrictions may change if you live on the corner of a street where a tall fence could limit a driver's visibility. your hoa may have additional rules, such as the height, styles allowed and even a maintenance schedule,

how do i know if this is my fence or the neighbors

you might try looking at the corner where your back fence meets the fence in question. if there is a small gap where the back fence does not touch the other fence it is his. if it does touch and you can see his back fence does not touch it, it will be yours.

boundaries, whos side is whos??

13 answers. best answer. boundaries are normally to the left of your property,so if the fence as you look out your door to the left is the 1 in question then i think youll find this is yours,then just overhand point that side as you go. answered 2nd apr 2011.

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the way i have always understood it, is that the side that has the posts in is your fence. idea being that the posts are in your garden so its constructed on your land some neighbours are just a pain to sort things out with though. i have heard that in some cases, you own 50% of the fence and so do your neighours, you then pay for half the

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having a fence also increases the resale value of your home, often by thousands of dollars. if you are thinking about selling within the next couple of years, a fence is a good investment that will bring financial returns when you go to sell the house.

whose fence is it

whose fence is it? a little guide to avoiding boundary disputes.. 1957, when your house was actually built, the fencing responsibilities were clear, and everyone cared for their boundaries, lovingly parading around them on a tour of inspection every midsummer day. but after a while things begin

what can you do when your neighbor's fence is on your

move the fence. sitting down with your neighbor and offering to pay for half the cost of moving the fence often solves the problem. moving the fence might cost hundreds to a few thousand dollars, but saves you both the expense and unpleasantness of a court battle that could cost each of you many thousands.

how do you tell if a fence is yours when it is on the

if you own the fence its on your property then you can do whatever you want including tear it down. if it is on their property they can tell you what you can or can't do. the best thing is to go

fence ownership: who owns that garden fence?

no one has the right to attached anything to your fence if it is yours. that includes plants painting leaning stuff up against it. that is the law. also there is no rule who has the good side,if you own the fence you dont have to give your neighbour the good side. this forum information is not correct.

who owns the fence between two houses and which is yours

arguments over fence ownership and responsibilities are some of the most common property disputes. no worries, another strategy to solve the case and figure out which side of the fence are you responsible for is to put on your sherlock holmes hat on and find the sellers property information form.

what can you do when your neighbor's fence is on your

where the fence may be encroaching by a foot or two, it may be simpler and cheaper for you both simply to have your neighbor sign a quitclaim deed. as the title suggests, this is a public and legal declaration that your neighbor has no legal claim to the area your neighbor's fence encroaches.

which garden fence am i responsible for?

there is a rule of thumb which says the left hand side as you look out the back but its not legal verification by any means. i have several properties where this rule does not apply. it cannot be relied on. you need to see the deeds and it may show a little `t` on there which indicates who the fence belongs to. .

left or right: which fence side is my responsibility

our new post will clarify what exactly the uk garden fence law says about property boundaries and regulations when it comes to replacing, installing and maintaining your boundary fence. well also focus on how to determine which fence side is yours left or right and explore the different ways you can use to find out. and finally, youll learn about what to do to avoid an unnecessary fallout with your neighbour over your shared fenceline border.

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my fence blew down as many others at russet homes ha and they repaired or placed the fences, it could take a long time before they work out a contract with a contractor. its not property, you only repair the fence if you damage it, the ha insurance is likely to cover the repair. i should challenge the cost with your ha.