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the most common medium we use on fireplace veneers is cultured manufactured stone. natural stone is another option but is rather expensive. another important consideration in building an outdoor fireplace on your screened porch is to decide how your fireplace will burn. your fireplace can use real wood, or it can be a gas burning fireplace.

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wood paver stone stairs. wood paver stone stairs are heavier than a traditional set of deck stairs. obviously the weight of the stone pavers has to be taken into consideration. you don't want any bounce or sagging over the length of the treads. so where you would ordinarily have only one midspan stringer, consider adding an additional

tanzite stone decks

simply build a wood deck just like you would normally, except that you leave an inch clearance and put a 1% slope to it. then enjoy your wood deck for a couple of years until it comes time to stain it, and rather than staining it you could cover it with some water protection and then with stonedeck.

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the framing is .40 pressure-treated wood and the decking is cedar. manufactured stone comes in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from random fieldstone to rectangular-cut slate. the stone we selected has the look of weathered limestone. the stone is actually lightweight concrete poured in molds cast from real rocks.

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stone/concrete seating. if you prefer a stone patio over a wood deck, we hear you and, you can still create many of the beneficial seating arrangements that we touched on above. stone benches are beautiful, as are low stone walls that provide not only a defined outline of your patio, but also a convenient spot to sit.

how to lay a natural stone hearth under a woodburning stove

paint the same slurry mixture onto the back of each stone as they are set, and use a rubber mallet to firmly pack each stone down into the deck mud mixture, leveling the stones as you go so the finish surface is level even if varying stones are different thicknesses. grout it or put sand in the joints, then set your stove.

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all cabuchon built-in baths may be installed as inset baths. undermounted baths: an undermounted bath, as the name suggests, is one that is set beneath a deck. less of the bath is visible, and the surface that overlies it retains simpler, unbroken lines. all cabuchon built-in baths are suitable for undermounting, with the sole exception of the elysia.

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then we basically dry-lay the stone on it so we have good drainage through the deck. weve also used construction adhesive to mount stone to steps and to do picture-framing inlays in decks. clients love the one-of-a-kind detail and i enjoy combining the stone with the wood.

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tiling the deck. spread exterior tile adhesive along the vertical edges of the deck. press the tiles into the adhesive, lining up the edges of these tiles with the horizontal tiles already installed. insert spacers between them to ensure proper spacing.

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attach the tar paper and lath to the frame. this will act as a moisture barrier for your fireplace. attach the metal lath over the tar paper and onto the frame using a nail gun image 2 . the metal lath will provide support for the stone that will be placed on top. install the lath rough side up so that the mortar scratch-coat will adhere properly.

how to install dektek tile's concrete deck tiles over

how to install dektek tile's concrete deck tiles over existing wood decking how to build a wood deck and install pavers, porcelain or stone how to install dektek tile's concrete tile decks

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fire pits radiate heat in all directions, but their low profile means smoke remains low as well. choose a stone fireplace only if installing it while building the deck or placing it beside the deck. the cement footing required for a stone fireplace should be dug into the ground, and its weight would damage a pre-existing deck.

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the deck can be installed on a ledger attached to your home, or can be free floating. there is an endless assortment of beautiful concrete and natural stone slabs suitable for any paverdeck outdoor space, including pavers that look like wood decking and other natural materials. stone makes a lasting impression and adds value to your home.

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re: exterior stone tile insets at wood decking ??? thanks again for the ideas and discussion. will be testing a tile set in a special trowelable butyl adhesive on plywood over the weekend water saturate, freezer, pull-off, oven, impact, etc.

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stone veneers or stone tiles give you the look of high-end masonry work. stone veneer over the wall creates more unique look with variation of design and color. stone veneer wall is quite interesting as additional feature at your home. this kind of photo is unquestionably a striking style philosophy. fire pit in garden see more

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sam angelo demonstrates his procedure for inlaying turquoise stone into a turned art piece. this is the second part of two videos dealing with processing turquoise stone and integrating it into a

stone patio or wooden deck: which is better for your home?

building a stone patio on a slope will typically be more expensive than an elevated wooden deck. in this case the patio would require large amounts of concrete foundation and retaining walls with a stone veneer. once you decide on a stone patio or a wooden deck, you must still choose what specific stone or wood you will use.

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how to build a safe fire pit on a wood deck. the height of the stone should be about 1 foot above the ground level where you stack the wood that will make the fire. ad.

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like to use framing layouts that suit the deck design and simplify the framing as much as possible. this project consisted of a 900-sq.-ft. wraparound deck that began 8 ft. above the walkout portion of a finished basement and patio, and ended at grade level at the back door. instead of building a deck frame cantilevered over a carrying beam, i incor-