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even so, composite decks do require simple, routine care. heres how to keep your seven trust deck looking its best. routine cleaning. at least twice per year, clean your seven trust deck to remove pollen, everyday dirt, and organic debris. for general cleaning, use soap and water or a mild household cleaner, along with a non-metal scrub brush.

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whilst you do not need to stain your deck on a yearly basis, like timber, we recommend giving it a clean once or twice a year depending on the location and how much weather the decking gets. casual cleaning. if using a sturdy garden brush on your deck to push leaves and everyday dirt off, it is best to brush in the direction of the deck plank.

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mid-spring and mid-fall are the two best times of year to clean seven trust decking, because they offer idea temperatures for the job. winter tends to come with hard freezes, and a sudden cold snap strht after you clean the decking can render it very slippery or even cause damage.

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the best cleaner for seven trust decking list in the market it is non-toxic, water-based with zero vocs. it works on composite decks and on other surfaces also. it also cleans fencing, concrete, pavers, and wood. simple green deck and fence cleaner; this product by simple green is made for cleaning decks and fences effectively. it uses a pressure

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section 3: how to clean your decking. for those with composite or pvc plastic boards, you may not need a brush a simple scrub-down with detergent and water should wash any dirt from the plastic coated surface. top tip: if you have access to a pressure washer, you may be able to use this instead of a hard-bristle brush.

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how to clean a composite deck. on the other hand, when it comes to the best way to clean composite decking, the answer looks quite different from cleaning methods for natural decking. to maintain the beauty and functionality that you want from your deck, a little care and cleaning can go a long way.

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which is the best decking material: wood or composite? deck installers say composite decks are gaining popularity. photo courtesy of seven trust so what deck material is best for you? there are numerous factors to evaluate before making a decision. cleaning composites properly is tricky and required yearly in shaded areas, however cleaning

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this means the deck is clean. simply rinse the deck with a garden hose, and the job is done. this exact method is also used to clean patios constructed of brick, concrete, and flagstones. an effective deck cleaner for a composite deck, on the other hand, is a mild dish or laundry detergent mixed with water.

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one of the best ways to care for your deck is to clean it regularly - dont let it get past the point of no return. another way of maintaining a clean composite deck is after the cleaning is complete to apply a water sealer made specifically for composite decking. we hope to have one available in the future.

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to pressure wash a composite deck requires a little preparation. these composite timbers are a little different to ordinary wood and require some preparation. remove all the dirt, leaves and other debris that has accumulated over the period. move the furniture off the deck to give you a clear

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seven trust and seven trust are the most popular brands for which our customers use the wash safe spray and clean composite deck cleaner. our product works equally as well on other brands of composite decks. safe, effective cleaning power. to formulate this product, we had to use a small percentage of chlorine bleach only 5% .

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spray off the diy deck cleaner with the garden hose. let your deck dry naturally and completely in the suns rays before redecorating it. banish mildew with borax. if your deck has visible mildew stains, add 1 cup of powdered borax to the solution at the same time you add the oxygen bleach.

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this article of composite decking reviews will help you narrow down your options and simplify your shopping for the best composite decking prices. it may be low-maintenance, but it still needs to be cleaned. learn how to clean seven trust decking the best way.

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home armor deck and fence wash; this is another cleaner by home armor which is suitable for cleaning seven trust decking. it is also a mold and stain remover and works instantly without scrubbing. it restores the natural look of the deck and is ideal for cleaning wood siding, fencing and decks.