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deck fascia options and ideas

lattice, horizontal boards, and vertical boards can all make excellent skirting material. since frost heave can damage deck skirts, attach the skirting to the fascia rather than anchoring it to the ground. design a door so you can access the area beneath the deck to exterminate pests nesting there or take care of a mold problem, for instance.

under deck options

under deck ceiling system. install rubber roofing between the deck framing and the floorboards. the water that comes through the deck is gathered by the rubber roofing, carried to the end of the deck, and flows into the existing gutter system. this creates a dry area that allows customers to create a rain-proof patio.

32 diy deck railing ideas and designs that are sure to

if your favorite outdoor space is your deck, we give you over 30 inspiring deck railing ideas to show how you can spruce it up, from diy to store bought. 32 diy deck railing ideas and designs that are sure to inspire you. by jennifer poindexter. so if you would like a deck railing that would go with a wood cabin theme or even a rustic


it has 4x4s for vertical supports that i need to extend upward to attach my trusses to. what is the best way to connect two vertical 4x4s? how do i vertically connect two 4x4s on a deck to build a roof? ask question asked 7 years, browse other questions tagged wood deck or ask your own question.

should decking boards run parallel or perpendicular with

should decking boards run parallel or perpendicular with the house.? adding a screened porch and deck. house has siding that runs horizontaly the lenght of the house. install a pc. of flashing up under siding bend out so it comes over first deck board about 1-1/2' . silicone it up in place just prior to installation of first row of decking.

douglas fir porch decking /

traditionally, porches on historic homes were built with clear, vertical-grain douglas fir decking.though grown in the pacific northwest, it was shipped all over the country to serve as porch floorboards as far away as chicago and new jersey.

how to replace deck ledger flashing

the deck boards were nailed through the ledger flashing making holes that leak and rot the ledger board the badly rotted ledger board is shown at 2 min 25 sec in the news video . this defeats the purpose of the ledger flashing.the ledger board is critical structural element that connects the deck to the house and collapsed decks are often caused by ledger board failure.

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if the design calls for skirting, enclose the area below with open lattice, or use vertical boards with at least 3/4-inch gaps between them. space the deck boards a minimum of 3/8 inch apart. when the deck is low and air circulation is limited, frame the substructure with .60 pcf treated lumber. stairs

deck and porch terminology common deck words defined

beam: the boards that sit on top of the posts and support the joists. cap rail: the horizontal board that runs along the top of all posts and pickets running around a deck. decking: the boards that make up the surface of a deck. the decking boards are secured to the joists. fascia: boards that cover the ends of the deck boards and the perimeter joists for decorative purposes.

installing composite deck skirting and fascia

installing composite deck skirting and fascia. many brands of decking actually offer fascia that will match the deck boards. however, if you are looking for a nice contrast in your deck design, you may want to opt for a fascia of cellular pvc. fasten the vertical 2x4 framing to the deck frame using screws. this technique could also be

horizontal deck railing boards on outside patio

horizontal deck railing boards on outside . visit. discover ideas about balustrade balcon patio: horizontal deck railing: the advantages and disadvantages furniture for patio patio with horizontal fence system wood horizontal railings home deck and patio deck security whether it's going to go vertical or horizontal, visit mccoy's

removing decking boards?

i have the deck wrecker and i think it's an awesome tool. doesn't matter if the boards are nailed it screwed, this will pull the boards right up. i did a deck which the boards were screwed, this tool pulled the boards up leaving the screws and the framing intact. i went back with as lazer blade and just cut 'em flush. duckbill deck wrecker

26 most stunning deck skirting ideas to try at home

deck skirting ideas - exactly what is deck skirting precisely? deck skirting is a material connected to support post and also boards listed below a deck ad clicks : ad views : vertical deck skirting made of either wood planks or fencing boards will make your deck lookhigher. having the same color as the railing and the deck, the deck

skateboard deck display floating mount

the skateboard deck display floating mount is the net result of years of experimentation in how to best display the art of skateboarding's soul while minimally impacting your wall. the combination of surgical quality acrylic and aircraft grade steel insures a lifetime of service.

10 common deck defects and how to solve them

most elevated decks have vertical wood posts that rest on top of concrete piers or extend down into concrete-filled holes. to find wood decking boards and other materials that you may need for one thought on 10 common deck defects and how to solve them shaye steve says: november 29, 2018 at 3:22 am it is a nice post keep share the

deck building

the last stage of the deck build time to install the nice cedar decking, here i lay the decking out in many different directions 45 degree along with parallel and vertical.