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how to build a pergola. construction how-to, porches and gazebos july 20, spacing of the rafters will vary according to your visual preference and the size of the pergola. spacing the rafters 16 to 20 inches apart is common. the most important rule in spacing is to keep the distance consistent between all the rafters.

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what is the standard spacing of a roof rafter? although the standard spacing of roof trusses may be the same as that of rafters, with 24-inch spacing being a common option, the design of a truss may allow for the use of a lower grade of lumber than would be required for rafters with comparable spacing and span.

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> hollow pergola rafter. hollow pergola rafter. 2 x 8 up to 24' length spacing center to center is 1.25' mounting brackets are used at every intersection of beams and rafters if attached to house, wall mount brackets are needed 1 per rafter clear selection $ add to cart

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center to center spacing of the rafters. subtract that from the length of the header and divide by two. example: you received a 10'-0' long header and five rafters. the standard rafter spacing is 24' on center. 5 - 1 = 4; 4 x 24 = 96; 120 - 96 = 24; 24 / 2 = 12; therefore, distance a = 12'.

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i am designing a pergola which i plan on using 20' 2 x 10 pt lumber. the rafters will span 18' an cantilever 2'. there will be 4 6 x 6 spaced evenly across a 20' span. will the rafters sag with a 18'

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i'm putting in a large patio pergola, 18' x 18'. i'm planning three 6'x6' posts spaced 10' apart along the back and three across the front with 2x10s sandwiching the posts to form the main beam support. these will only span 10' each with bolts through the posts. my question is what size rafters can i span the full 18'?

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rafters - 90 x 45 2.2m 10 pieces at 760mm centres; what is the proper bolting/fasteners required to bolt the brick veneer in terms of diametre and length for the: 140 x 45 beam to the wall? 90 x 45 rafters at each side wall? the minimum number of bolts and the spacing required to ensure that the beams/rafters is secured and solidly attached to

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what is the spacing of roof rafters? for wood framing it can be 16', 19 1/4' or 24 ' on center. asked in building and carpentry , math and arithmetic , algebra