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prepare a cleaning solution of 1 tsp. mild dish soap such as dawn , 1 tsp borax, and 1 quart of warm water. place it in a spray bottle and spray on the stain. use a soft bristle brush to clean allowing the solution to soak into the fabric. rinse well with clean water to remove all soap residue and air-dry.

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wicker, teak and other wood. instead, use a mild oil soap or soapy water and a soft brush or sponge to remove any grit or grime. wicker may require a toothbrush to get into the weave and can be time-consuming. to ease this chore, clean regularly to reduce build-up.

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spread the piece out on a patio or plastic tarp, and apply some elbow grease mix a solution of heavy duty detergent and water. using a soft scrub brush, work from the top to the bottom of a piece scrubbing a small section at a time. rinse away soil after each section is cleaned.

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we also make sure we pressure wash the deck and the siding on our house and i always spruce up the patio with some additional flowers and inexpensive decor.this year, we are committed to planting even more grass in the yard and its going to be so lush and amazing . either way, if you want to clean your patio cushions properly, heres how you do it.

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how to: clean patio cushions now's the time to freshen up your outdoor seating before the season kicks into full swing. while most cushions can't be tossed directly into the washing machine, you

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wipe down with a clean cloth dipped in clear water and allow to air dry. aluminum frames : to remove surface soil, mix a solution of dishwashing soap and water and wipe with a soft towel. rinse with clear water and thoroughly dry with a clean towel.

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if wood handrails, balusters, even outdoor wooden furniture seem less than fresh, mix up some more deck cleaning solution to safely restore them and youre fully prepared for any outdoor

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for instance, this post shows what the deck looked like back when we moved in and here is the patio makeover. today i wanted to share a few tips for outdoor patio care and keeping outdoor furniture clean as well as how to clean those outdoor rugs its actually simpler than you may think.

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apply more of the cleaning solution, then gently rub out the spots with a scrub brush. step 4: rinse with a garden hose. thoroughly hose off the patio cushions.

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how to clean: mix up a squirt of dishwashing detergent with a bucket of warm water. scrub surface with a scrub brush. rinse furniture and allow to dry. use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rusted spots down to the bare metal. wipe off any metal reside with a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits or naphtha.

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apply deck cleaning solution. once you've thoroughly power-washed your deck, you can brush on some deck cleaning solution widely available , which will clean and help preserve the wood. then, after a period of 24 hours for drying, you can apply any other stains or treatments to help weatherize and protect the deck's surface.

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1. remove absolutely everything from the deck: chairs, planters, grills, toys, etc. if you cant remove it all, youll have to work in two parts, moving things to one side of the deck while you wash and let dry the other. 2. grab your broom and clean the exterior walls of the house where the deck attaches to it.

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but before you reach for the bleach, try these milder vinegar-based solutions: keep some full-strength white vinegar in a recycled spray bottle and use it wherever you see any remove mildew from wood decks and wood patio furniture by sponging them off with a solution to deodorize and

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how to clean your deck or patio 1. sweep up. once the surface is wet, everything sticks. 2. protect greenery. hose down plants around your patio or deck, 3. deal with stains. tackling stains can be challenging because not all decks are made from 4. wet-mop. for wood, use a cleaner like

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supplies: a large bag of baking soda, deck brush, and a hose preferrably with a jet setting on the attachment . pre-soak rug with the hose. pour baking soda onto stained areas. you will use the whole bag if there are several areas. scrub the stains or dirt with the deck brush in the same

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however, before you can start to enjoy your deck this summer, youll need to break out your cleaning supplies and clean your patio furniture. to keep your patio furniture in pristine condition, youll need to know how to clean patio furniture. you need to remember to wash it often and keep it inside in the winter to keep it from staining.

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step 2. look at each section after you clean the deck to make sure you didn't miss any spots. let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes after you wash the deck. the mildew will die and turn colors as the bleach cleaning solution kills it. wash the deck with plain water after cleaning it.

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let me show you how to clean outdoor cushions within minutes without having to scrub them. you dont need any special cleaner, and your patio cushions will look like new again you dont need any special cleaner, and your patio cushions will look like new again

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test for damage. if you decide to use a pressure washer, then you better test it or have the professional prove to you they can use the tool and not damage the wood. go to some remote part of the deck and clean one half of one board with a pressure washer. wash the other half by hand, rinse and compare for wear.

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how to clean a composite deck method 1 doing routine cleaning. sweep away debris at least once per week. method 2 removing stains. use dish soap and hot water on oil based stains. method 3 maintaining your deck. keep your deck surface dry and debris-free.

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