timber sizes for pergolas

what is the best timber for your new pergola?

choosing the best timber. the best timber for your new pergol is going to depend on your personal taste. any of our hardwoods are going to be great for a pergola. we stock class 1 hardwoods which are rated at 25 years for durability and class 2 hardwoods that are rated at 15 years for durability.

how-to-build guide pergola

these instructions are for a 2.4 m square by 2.4 m high free-standing timber pergola. the materials you require will need to be calculated based on the actual size and type of pergola you intend to build. materials posts 100 x 100 mm h5 treated radiata pine timber, 3.3 m long 4 beams 150 x 50 mm h3.2 treated radiata pine timber, 3 m long 4

cedar pergolas and pavilions installed on site big timber usa

typical pergola, pavilion, and patio pavilion installation includes cedar posts cemented 24 42 in ground. if rock is encountered during excavation, an additional charge may apply. if installing the structure on an existing concrete slab, concrete anchor kit option must be purchased prior to installation.

timber frame pergola10' x 12' over sizedouglas fir

timber frame pergola10 x 12 over sizedouglas fir constructed from 1 appearance grade rough-sawn douglas fir timbers. no cutting required. dovetailed posts, beams, and beam extensions. pre-notched rafter guide slots and roof layouts. pre-stained with your choice of finish color. pre-drilled

custom wooden fat timber pergola: redwood pergola kits all sizes and shapes

theres nothing quite like our custom wooden fat timber pergola, and were not ashamed to say so. they are versatile, elegant, sturdy, and intricately made by hand. but, what makes them amazing is that we can build them in any shape or size and that we use massive timbers of the highest quality wood.

pergola beams and rafters

here are sketches of the timber members of the proposed pergola: beam front side = 2 pieces - 190 x 45 3.8 metres long beam back side bolted to brick veneer = 2 pieces - 140 x 45 3.8 metres long

general information about our pergolas

wood sizes a posts in standard form these come in 100mm x 100mm x 2400mm approx: 4 inch by 4 inch by 8 foot sections. however, we are able to increase the length of the posts up to a maximum length of 2.7mtrs approx: 8ft 8ins to allow for the differences in window/door heights - particularly in older houses.

big timber pergola kits rough cut cedar 11x14, 13x15, 12x18

if you are looking for structure with a western look and feel, then the homestead pergola is for you. featuring oversized timbers, the homestead pergola is the definition of solidity. it features rough-sawn western red cedar timbers, fully notched, as follows: base package. pre-cut, easy-to-assemble kit; posts 8' x 8' square and 9 ft. tall

uk timber sizes

usually refers to sawn carcassing that is ordinarily used for building and construction, ie joists, beams etc. traditionally this material was sold in sawn sizes such as 4 x 2 or 47mm x 100mm, now days the uk market is used to offering this material regularised, ie it has smooth planed eased edges making it easier to work with and these sizes are slightly under the sawn sizes as the table below indicates. regularised timber can be purchased both untreated and treated, also in c16

uk timber sizes

uk timber sizes. most independent timber merchants in the uk will offer a range of both sawn and planed timber. care needs to be taken in understanding the sizes stated, some are stated in sawn sizes and others in finished ie planed .

modern fat timber pergola, custom made from redwood

the maximum span with the standard timber sizes mentioned above is 18' 2 1/2' on center between posts. structures over 20' in any direction are built with an additional post to support roofs between 20 and 40 feet.

custom wooden fat timber pergola: redwood pergola kits all sizes and shapes

custom wooden fat timber pergola. the fat timber pergolas can be built with 8x8, 10x10 or even 12x12 posts with the roof timbers upgraded to match the size of the posts you select. we will design with you, build and install any of our pergolas anywhere in the continental u.s. they are made from the highest quality wood available anywhere

timber lengths and sizes

the force of the wind is a factor in choosing the type of timber to use for your pergola and its dimensions. in fact, the building code of australia has a separate set of recommended timber lengths and sizes for areas with high wind classification and for low wind speed areas.

timber length and sizes

timber lengths and sizes. at softwoods we have a large range of timber products in all manner of sizes and lengths. most can also be supplied primed or fully painted.