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when dealing with a floor joist, is it code to replace or

when dealing with a floor joist, is it code to replace or can i sister the joists that need repair. and if i do - answered by a verified home improvement expert

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how much repairing floor joists should cost. average costs and comments from costhelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. if only a few joists are rotted primarily at the bottom, they can be repaired using a process known as sistering -- after the rot is cleaned away and the timber treated to prevent more problems, a new joist is laid beside the old one and fastened to it.

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sistering a new joist function a few of my joists have some minor termite damage that i plan to repair with bondo, but this one has some heavy damage on the bottom 4 inches for about three or four feet, bad enough that i could probably just rip the bad parts out by hand.

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repairing a rotted wall or floor joist: im rebuilding a house after tearing it down to the bare studs. i found a few spots where in the bathroom the floor joist had gotten soaked through and rotted. this is how i fixed them. the house is over a hundred years old, and had surprisin

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our 60 year old floor joists are showing their age. here's how we are correcting the problems. repairing rotted joists and subfloor sistering floor joists - duration: 1:54. biy 181,399 views.

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many people have an opinion as to the best way to sister floor joists. however, i have never found any reliable information regarding the subject. i have performed calculations, but they usually result in using an excessive number of fasteners. i dont like to over-engineer things if not needed, o

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sistering joists means beefing them up with additional material. doing so strengthens weak joists and can help strhten sagging joists. framing lumber is the typical choice for sistering

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a: tom silva replies: sistering new joists to the old ones would just encourage rot by creating a place for water to collect. you could trim the rot off the ends of the joists back to good wood, although that would make the deck narrower. but it's the rot along the top of the joists that's a trickier problem.

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how to properly splice a joist or rafter . we'll begin our discussion by reminding everyone that carpenters have been splicing wood together for thousands of years. it's one of the things carpenters do best but still there are those who say that this is the purvue of an engineer and no one else.

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the floors in my new house seem to have been built to minimum code requirements. the floors on the first floor are built with 2×8 joists 16 in. o. c. spanning 12 ft., but the floors are springy because of deflection. i wanted to sister the joists but cant figure out how to get the lumber in

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re: repairing/sistering cantilevered deck joist i would recommend never sistering new joists on a deck. if you've taken many decks apart, you probably know those areas are the first to start rotting, and will often rot in just a few years.

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the term sister stud refers to a secondary stud that is installed alongside an existing is usually used to reinforce a stud that has been damaged or is bowed in a manner that compromises its load-bearing capacity. sistering can also be done to reinforce floor joists or rafters. for example, sister joists are sometimes installed to increase the load-bearing capacity of a floor so it

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sister joist. correcting a problem joist is an easy repair and is usually accomplished by fastening a new joist next to a damaged floor joist, doubling the thickness of the framing member. this is referred to as sistering.

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i recently purchased and moved into a 120 yr brick farmhouse that has a dirt basement with humidity issues i've placed a dehumidifier in there and that has seemed to help greatly . the floor joists have significant insect damage. during the initial home inspection, the inspector suggested that they be replaced, but can also be sistered. he added that sistering the joists

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we are sistering a few 2×10 joists that support our 2nd floor bathroom to help support a cast iron clawfoot tub. we have pulled out the kitchen ceiling below badly stained anyway and we see that we can set the ends of the sisters up onto the top plate with the old joists on both ends of the room spans 13 .

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i have seen questions about sistering joists here before, but would like to ask more specific questions to clarify the best methodology. the sistering that i have done has been in locations where i have needed as much strength as possible in a small depth, for example adding to existing 2x6 ceiling joists or 2x8 floor joists.

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this is how i laminated new floor joists to the existing. the old joists have too much sag and a lot of spring. laminating new joists to the existing will, strengthen the floor above and

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fine homebuilding forums strengthening floor joists with plywood reinforcing properly sistering floor joists is very important and should not be rushed to save time since this a repair of faulty or damaged joist sistering floor joist joists to level. pics of : sistering floor joists with plywood

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i have a floor joist that i noticed has several large knots that have split vertically through the joist. i am going to sister this joist with an identical sized joist 2x10 over its full length. my plan is to use construction adhesive and tack it into place with nails. to permenantly secure the joist i will use 1/2 inch carriage bolts in sets

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q: how do i repair a deck joist that is starting to rot? a: the easiest way is to repair a joist is to install a sister joist to strengthen the damaged area. use a hammer and chisel to chip away the damaged wood. liberally apply two coats of waterproof sealer over the damaged joist. cut a reinforcing sister joist from lumber that is the same dimension as the damaged joist.

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this article provides step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to make structural repairs by sistering floor joists alongside weak joists. if you have sagging, cracked or twisted joists, which can happen in older houses, this project will provide the extra support the floor needs

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the family handyman shows you how structural repairs are made by sistering the floor joists. usually, a floor joist will measure 2x8, 2x10 or 2x12, and the size will depend on the load they are designed to carry, building codes and length. how can i save money? get several estimates, especially if its a large job.

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how to repair cut or damaged floor joist bolting new joist to existing this is the last video in our three-part series on how to repair floor joist that is been cut. repairing rotted