what to do with old deck boards

cracked treated wood

the deck boards was cracked and shrunk really bad.. i put thompson clear sealer on it to help prevent any further expansion due to water and the wood shrank even more to the point the deck creeks and cracks when you walk on it. about 6 weeks ago i had to replace about 10 boards so off i went to pick up some deck boards..

what can be done with an old wooden deck? home guides

what can be done with an old wooden deck? landscaping. decking lumber is typically about 1 1/2-inches in thickness. frames. if you've got thinner decking boards, such as 3/4- to 1-inch, interior trim. make trim molding with decking. raised beds, planters. make raised planter beds with

how do i dispose of deck wood? the seven trust community

old deck boards, fluorescent light tubes, paint, tires, expired cell phones disposal sites for almost every hazardous or other material can be found at: earth911.org. click the 'recycle search' tab and when the search page launches, simply enter your material and your zip code.

how to remove old deck screws hunker

use a phillips head, flat head or power screwdriver to back out any old deck screws from the deck's boards that do not contain stripped heads. wear work gloves to protect your hands. if mold or mildew is present, wear a nose mask.

what to do with old decking

what to do with old decking. natural wood decking needs a good varnish every year to maintain it in tip-top condition. this is especially true for singapores weather. the hot sunny weather coupled with sudden rain can mean that the decking is subject to a lot of expansion and contraction within a short period of time.

how to sand a deck hunker

make an old deck new again by sanding and staining it. when your deck looks the worse for wear, you can often give it new life by power washing and restaining. although this treatment will remove flaking finish and the gray surface layer from old softwood and hardwood, it won't smooth out cupped boards, and it leaves the wood with a fuzzy, splintered appearance.

leftover composite decking scraps-what to do with them

five year old decking ready to be torn off, sure made an easy sale of seven trust decking. in about the last five years i've built a 22x26 barn at my helpers place so we can store more leftover wood inside , a deck and patio cover at my house, a storage barn my house, a chicken koop at son-n-laws place, part of the fence at my house, repaired

how to stain a weathered deck home guides sf gate

mix biodegradable wood cleaner with water in a garden pump sprayer. follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct cleaner-to-water ratio. spray the mixture onto the entire deck. allow the mixture to sit for 10 minutes. scrub the deck boards with a long-handled scrub brush to loosen the dirt, grime and debris.

how to restore an old deck

how to restore an old deck. summer is a great time of the year to relax on the patio while entertaining friends and family. to keep a deck looking great, its important to protect the wood by applying a water-sealing deck stain.

resurface or rebuild? how to bring new life to your old deck

not only do you instantly make your house a more attractive and safer place to be, a new or drastically improved deck has one of the highest rois among common remodeling projects. depending on the material used, the average deck addition in 2014 saw a 74.3% to 87.4% return in terms of cash spent to increase in house value.

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answers. the main reason for using treated deck boards today is that untreated cedar and other naturally resilient woods are very expensive. unfortunately, it's not all that easy to tell if old lumber is treated. when it's new, it's greenish, but weathers to a silver grey, like other outdoor woods.

how to restore an old deck

how to restore an old deck. summer is a great time of the year to relax on the patio while entertaining friends and family. to keep a deck looking great, its important to protect the wood by applying a water-sealing deck stain. for this tutorial, ill show how to restore an old deck that has been painted, has flaking paint, and is showing its age.

what to do with old deck wood?

what to do with old deck wood? hi. demolished our old deck and put new boards. what can we do with the old ones? can this be picked up at the curb? not sure if this is bulk waste or not because the boards are cut up. it doesn't specify this kind of thing on halton's website as seen in this link:

best stain for an old deck best deck stain reviews ratings

we use stains like armstrong clark for an old deck. this type of wood stain contains non-drying penetrating oils that help rejuvenate the wood cells. these conditioning oils stay deep in the wood to replace the woods lost natural oils. the stain also contains drying oils that separate from the conditioning oils.

how to revive a deck: deck cleaning and staining tips

the deck boards, on the other hand, were unfinished, so we used a deck cleaner only. it had been several years since this deck had received any attention, but it cleaned up beautifully. how to choose deck strippers and cleaners. a deck stripper is used to remove old loose stain and deck sealers, before cleaning and brightening.

restoring a weathered and sun damaged deck ron hazelton

restoring a weathered and sun damaged deck. to see just how well the deck is responding, we stop midway and make a comparison. now see, here's your old board right here. that's the new board with the deck wash and the power sprayer. and you can see none of this is hard work. well enough admiring our progress.

23 cool ways to repurpose old skateboards

you dont feel young and restless anymore or you are a skater who has too many old skateboards that you no longer use? no problem. weve made a collection of 23 cool ways to repurpose old skateboards just for those of you who have a bunch of old skateboards collecting dust and taking space.

how to spruce up a worn-out deck this old house

wash and wet. wash leaves and dirt off the deck and railings with a spray from a garden hose or a pressure washer set at 3,000 psi and fitted with a gentle 40-degree fan nozzle. for maximum efficiency, hold the nozzle tip about 18 inches from the wood.

dispose of pressure treated lumber properly

we just took down an old deck . the deck surface was redwood but the wood underneath is all pressure treated wood. the deck was built in 1988 so was the wood really toxic 26 years ago? do the toxins leach out of the wood over time? it sounds like it will be difficult to dispose of it safely. we live in the north bay area in california.

ideas for repurposing old deck rails hometalk

cindy's discussion on hometalk. what to do with old deck rails. - i asked previously but now i have a picture: i hate to throw these away and i want to make something out of them. any ideas

20-year-old decks: repair or replace? pro remodeler

ive seen decks built two years ago that we couldnt do anything with, says phil brown, owner of archadeck of central connecticut in wallingford, and decks built 50 years go where the frame was perfectly fine. deck owners can sometimes only afford repairs, which typically means replacing the deck boards and railings.

how to recycle your old deck into

-took down the old ramp and set aside the wood for future use.-built the stairs and all the new railings out of the old ramp.-realized that the deck still felt too small because there was no way to fit a table and bbq on it.-solved that problem -spent like $3 on everything. major exaggeration for effect.