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neocon 2014 materials pavilion - news - material intelligence. the interiors & sources materials pavilion has become an institution at neocon, and in since 1979, ati has been a leader in decorative thermoplastic and metal the look and feel of painted surfaces at a lower cost and greater durability.

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metal pavillions. metal pavilions are versatile structures that can serve many purposes. our metal pavilions are great for outdoor events, or just for regular storage. their structure relies on strength and stability, with wide openings in the framing and clear-span interiors for additional space.

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it is difficult to find estimates for pavilions in particular, but we can get an idea of what the cost may be by looking at the cost of similar structures. if you look at the price points of ramadas, diy kits start at around $2000. prices for custom pieces are reserved for quotes from professional installers.

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a pavilion is an open framed structure that is equipped with a closed roof. simply put, it is a covered pergola. a pavilion is also a temporary or permanent freestanding architectural open space that is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways from lounging, to dining, cooking or gathering people.

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welcome to patio and landscape design ideas. have you ever wondered about how your dream patio design and landscape would look like? or what furniture you'd

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this cheap halloween decoration will terrify your neighbors. ready to raise your poltergeist game? for as little as $6, you can project something seriously spooky on a wall or even into the air.

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vantablack. surrey nanosystems in the uk announced vantablack, a nanotech material, in 2014 to much fanfare and many spinal tap became known as one of the blackest-black materials ever

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get an hp pavilion wave desktop pc for $269.99. this striking system will raise your home decor, not ruin it. plus: the lowest price ever on the samsung gear vr 2016.