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inexpensive cleaning alternatives june 16, 2010 / 7:29 am / cbs if you don't want to clean out your bank account while cleaning up your house, we have some surprising money-saving tips.

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cost-effective alternatives to deck railings by: jeremy k. home improvement projects can be costly and stressful; that is, if you let it get into your system. the trick to a hassle-free and affordable execution of your home improvement plans is to invest in time to scour the market for cost-effective alternatives. one of the most…

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in addition, if you explore our blog, you’ll find a wealth of information about railings, including how to clean a vinyl railing, the benefits of aluminum railings, how to choose a deck railing, parts of a railing system, and more. our faqs page is a great resource if you’re wondering about the colors we offer, the warranty backing our products, and the process of creating polyvinyl

iron porch railing vs aluminum porch railing

whether you decide to install a porch iron railing or aluminum porch railing you need to consider durability, cost, maintenance and the look you wish to achieve. since iron and aluminum are both metals, in most uses either one can be used successfully. metal . porch railing made of iron or aluminum is referred to as metal railing.

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vinyl deck railing. vinyl or pvc deck railing is a popular alternative to wood. colors are limited, with white being by far the most popular. there are various styles of handrails and balusters, but overall the options are similar to standard wood railing. but vinyl doesn't twist, rot, warp, etc. like wood does.

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vinyl railing. vinyl has emerged as a decent alternative to address the disadvantages of old-school wood railing systems. it is definitely a good alternative to wood in that it is a low-maintenance option. cons: vinyl fencing is not as strong as wood or other alternatives. additionally, the colours on vinyl systems eventually fade despite the