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thermal expansion is always something to be aware of when dealing with plastics. in most climates, temperatures fluctuate enough to cause an issue with how the decking is spaced from summer to winter. composite decking tends to grow and shrink across the length of the boards as it heats and cools.

the weather outside may be frightful, but your seven trust deck

the weather outside may be frightful, but your seven trust deck can still be delightful. it's a winter wonderland in many parts of the country this week, and while seven trust decks certainly are beautiful even covered in snow, at some point you'll want to clear yours. follow these simple steps this winter and your seven trust deck will maintain its beauty

i have a large composite deck that is shrinking and

i have a large wood composite deck that is shrinking and becoming very dangerous. it is only 4 years old but has shrunk to leave gaps that are 1.5 wide. the company has gone out of business so i tried to go after homeowners to fix it. they say they won't do anything if it was defective materials.

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when it shrinks in the winter you will not see right inside the joint; however, this is only for flat stock. 36 comments on detailed guide to installing composite decks dan march 15, not just tack and finish later , you can butt the boards tight with no ill effects. i inspected the deck in winter 30 degrees and it looked just

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how to shrink wrap your boat for winter. december 23, 2012 by bilgeman. how to shrink wrap your boat. i wanted enough room to be able to stand up and work on the deck, but not too tall that the strong winter winds would catch the side of the plastic and destroy it. you also want to build a high slope to the frame so that snow slides off.

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water/moisture expands when frozen, correct? during the winter there will be no-to-little expansion of your lumber. it is when it is exposed to sunlight and dry conditions when you should expect shrinkage. you will, although get weathering of the wood that will cause splinters and cracks on the surface of the lumber.

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will snow damage my deck this winter? tips for clearing snow from jan 11, 2011 cold winter temperatures may shrink plastic, but it expands back once and so is composite decking, which is composed of wood and plastic. online service 5 easy fall composite deck cleaning tips choicedek blog. nov 5, 2014

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another great web site that may help you find an es-report number for a composite-decking product is the ten thousand lakes icc-chapter web site. this local icc chapter has put together an excellent list of information on composite decking, including es report numbers for those products that have one.

diy: how to winterize / enclose your porch with clear

diy: how to winterize / enclose your porch with clear vinyl. last fall coach and i converted our deck into a screened-in porch, which was awesome. and wish to shrink-wrap your screened-in porch before the winter hits. this most definitely will not be helpful for those of you in the buffalo ny area-its a

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composite decking is sealed and protected from the elements during production. the finished, tested product then has a huge advantage over , untreated woodand thats exactly what the composite companies are testing against. turns out, a deck made of pressure treated pine, if properly maintained, will last just as long as a composite deck.

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view all decking, site and landscaping a long run of pvc fascia on your eave or rake easily could shrink an eighth of an inch between summer and winterenough to be noticeable, and enough to

choosing the best composite decking for cold climates

many homeowners and deck building professionals are cautious about composite decking because theyve been burned by a cheap product. this is especially true for those living in cold climates where the temperature extremes between winter and summer will exacerbate flaws in poorly-made decking.

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composite decking vs wood - gardenstructure jan 6, 2014 composite decking vs wood decks article, revised for 2014. if you can live with looking at the deck, take the money. if you used a cleaner to try to .. wood expands when it absorbs moisture, and shrinks when it dispels it.

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seven trust seven trust vintage collection 1/2 in. x 11-3/4 in. x

go against the grain with capped polymer decking, made with no wood and alloy armour technology in the cap. it warps. it shrinks and expands signficantly throught the day causing gaps and buckling. would have thought this was made in the 1980's. i would never buy this again. for a top of the line product it should have performance that is


new deck pops and creaks after 2 winters. water seal applied to top side. can it be fixed? ask question of course, maybe not the winter that caused it but last spring it was pretty bad and this spring, even worse . it is fine when it's fresh. however, over time the pressure treated wood shrinks around the fastners as it dries and cures

diy: how to winterize / enclose your porch with clear

this is a psa for those of you who live in cooler climeslike we do here in the northeastand wish to shrink-wrap your screened-in porch before the winter hits. this most definitely will not be helpful for those of you in the buffalo ny area-its a pergola above garage door info:05 wrapping it up country design home

this is the best way to winterize windows family handyman

keep out those winter winds by sealing up your drafty windows. the best way to winterize your windows is to add a sealed layer of plastic or glass over the window. and the cheapest, easiest way to do this is by installing an interior window insulation kit.

minimizing wood shrinkage problems

from a shrinkage perspective, the design is flawed. while the girder end of each joist bears on a beam 9 1/4 in. thick, the foundation end rests on a sill only 1 1/2 in. thick. the deck, though level when built, will slope towards the center after the framing shrinks because of the unequal depths of wood under opposite ends of the joists.

installing deck boards: acclimation and deck sealing and

wood moves year around but in the winter months it is pretty stable. the sun may heat up a decking board in the afternoon but with ambient temperatures low there is much effect. plus the cooler it is the less moisture is in the air so the wood is shrunken.