can floor tiles be laid over floorboards

can i install laminate flooring over carpet?

if there is too much give to the floor underneath, the locking system would be strained causing the floor to buckle and possibly damaging the floor. if you are working with sturdy low pile carpeting, you can install laminate on top of it. think of carpet you would see in most hotel rooms, bus and airplane aisle ways, and other commercial spaces.

installing wood flooring over vinyl flooring

thereafter, if your vinyl flooring is laid over existing floorboards, it is important to establish the direction in which the old boards are running. this is important because when laying new boards over old, it is essential that the new boards run perpendicular or at 90 degrees to the old boards for stability.

can you install tile over vinyl flooring?

do not consider laying tile over perimeter-glued sheet vinyl or tiles that are damaged or pulling up. most luxury vinyl planks are not suitable for tiling over because this flooring typically is laid as a floating floor, with no adhesive.

can wood floors be laid over tile? discount flooring

a solid concrete base is the ideal foundation on which to lay a wood floor. however, where tiling has been set into a concrete floor, work to remove the tiles could disrupt the concrete foundations. in this scenario, raised wood floors or glued wood floors may be laid over tile. prep work should include leveling any raised tile edges.

how to install vinyl flooring over ceramic tiling

to install vinyl flooring over ceramic tiling, check out the guide that follows. before you can start installing vinyl over the top of ceramic tile, you must prepare the room. use your pry bar to remove the baseboards from around the edge of the room. then, smooth out the ceramic tile before laying the vinyl.

how to tile over floorboards tiles direct

how to: tile over floorboards by suhail laher / june 20th, 2016 / there are currently 0 comments whether you want a fresh look or need a more practical flooring option, tiling over floorboards is a prospect many homeowners face when looking to switch up the original flooring in their house.

what type of floor covering can be laid over ceramic tile

one way to replace a ceramic floor is to install a second layer of ceramic over top of it.the old floor must first be sanded to scratch up the glaze and allow the new thin-set to stick. additionally, some patch leveling may be necessary to make the old floor flat enough to install over, and the added thickness may mean that existing doors have to be cut to a new height.

what kind of floor can you lay over linoleum? home

over the top. ceramic and stone tile, vinyl and laminate flooring, tile and sheet linoleum, Seven Trust planks and decorative concrete can all be installed over existing linoleum. the one requirement all they all share is that the existing linoleum must be securely attached to the subfloor.

how to tile over floorboards

can you tile over existing tile in the bathroom? does the the thickness and weight of the tile matter if they go over the existing? what else needs to be checked? i am about to lay 600x600 porcelain tiles on to 12mm ply which is over boarding 18mm floorboards is there a certain way of laying ply eg opposite way to floorboards and is it

laminate flooring over ceramic tiles

fortunately, the answer to the question is yes. there are many concerns of the type of flooring a laminate can be placed over for installation. the question is valid. removing a ceramic tile floor is hard work, chipping away old tiles and mortar is extremely time consuming and labor intensive.

how to lay tiles on wooden floors home guides sf gate

lay your tiles into the thinset, using spacers to maintain even grout lines between each tile. continue applying a small amount of thinset and laying tiles until you've covered the entire floor

can you install tile over vinyl flooring?

not all vinyl flooring is suitable for receiving tile directly. the best candidate is fully adhered glued down sheet vinyl. you can also tile over vinyl tiles that are glued down if none of the tiles are loose or curling up. do not consider laying tile over perimeter-glued sheet vinyl or tiles that are damaged or pulling up.

the secret to laying floorboards over tiles

laying floorboards directly over tiles can be done, but it will create hollow areas underneath the floorboards. this will drastically increase the noise of your new floor hollow areas can also encourage moisture and mould to develop between the tiles and floorboards .

how to tile over floorboards

all floorboards are not good enough to lay on. they are invariably uneven and will need a minimum 6mm ply board sheet fitting over. preferably 9mm. this will then smooth over the floorboards and give you a perfect surface to tile on. then use a flexible adhesive to stick the tiles. hope this helps and good luck

the can i install laminate flooring over this? guide

if the floor is glued down, be sure you remove all of the adhesive before installing laminate flooring. natural stone marble, travertine, etc. : it depends . if completely smooth and above ground, then yes; if textured or rough, no.

can vinyl be layed on top of laminate flooring?

3 answers. best answer. i wouldn recomend laying lyno over the laminate as there could be problems with the laminate flooring at a later date and start lifting the lyno im pretty sure your laminate would come up easy and if your floor underneath is solid and flat ie floor boards or weyroc flooring ,cement screed the lyno will sit flat and look tidy.

tiling on floorboards: can you tile on wooden floorboards

can you tile on wood floorboards? good news, yes you can tiling over floorboards is possible with the use of plywood or backer boards. in short, a layer of board over your floorboards will keep the surface youre tiling strong and sturdy, and help you minimise any movement from your old floorboards.

how to lay tile over a tile floor today's homeowner

tile can be laid over existing tile, as long as the floor is in good condition with no loose or broken tile. to lay tile over tile: clean floor: clean the floor to remove any grease or dirt.

how to lay timber flooring over tiles

the process of laying timber flooring over tiles. the important thing that you need to remember when laying your new timber flooring over your tiles is that the tiled surface needs to be clean, dry, and level. you can choose to have the flooring laid directly over the tiles but you need to be aware that doing this can cause areas of

flooring installation can i install over existing floor?

if the flooring you purchase can be installed over existing flooring, you will still need to consider some other things. first, you need to look at the condition of the current floor. if the current flooring is fixed to the subfloor and in good condition, you may be able to apply a new flooring over top.

can you install vinyl flooring on top of other flooring?

bottom line. because vinyl tiles dont do a very good job of smoothing over imperfections in your flooring or underlayment, then the floor would need to be in very good shape. in general, it's more difficult to put vinyl over tile than the opposite-- installing tile over vinyl.

what flooring can you put over asbestos tile? hunker

vinyl tile can be adhered directly to asbestos tiles that are not loose or peeling, and many vinyl tiles are thin enough that they will only slightly raise the height of the floor. peel and stick adhesive vinyl tiles are particularly good when the floor is already fairly thick, because they require no additional layer of adhesive to work.

renovating and laying floating floorboards over tiles

renovating and laying floating floorboards over tiles. this can be done by: sloping the floor lightly sloping the floor between different floor levels packing packing the lower floor areas with plywood sheeting or similar . using plywood sheeting between the new floorboards and the existing tiles is a great method of ensuring