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national diploma in building technology

national diploma in building technology building construction ii 1.4/1.5 suspended timber ground floor 1.6 types of upper floors function of upper floors 1.7 method of construction of upper floors suspended timber upper floor functions of suspended timber floor bars are placed between the hollow pots. the floor construction


this allows access to the construction zone up to 3 weeks earlier than any other suspended slab system. the speedfloor concrete floor system is a proven performer in all types of construction. including steel structures, masonry buildings, poured in-situ or pre-cast concrete panels, as well as icf, timber and cold formed steel frame construction.

new building technology that aims to make building cheaper

new building technology that aims to make building cheaper in kenya. roofing- concrete hollow-pots for suspended slabs, waffle slabs and ribbed slabs. walling door and window lintels, walling fabric and window sills, sun-shading devices. there is usually substantial wastage when standard concrete is used and pre-casting building

in situ concrete suspended floors

supports for floors are typically beams, columns or walls. in situ concrete reinforced suspended floors can be designed to span one-way or two-ways between supports. such floors can be designed and constructed to have a continuously flat soffit. alternatively, the slab soffit can be formed with special moulds to give an indented profile to

what is hollow pot suspended floor

assessment of cost variation in solid and hollow floor construction in lagos state article pdf available keywords cost variation hollow slabs lagos state reinforced concrete solid slab waffle floor wire reinforcement usually are required in suspended construction of monolithic hollow clay pot slab\.

floor systems

composite floor systems. in the final state the ribs in the decking serve as void formers in the slab, thereby reducing the weight of floor construction with the knock-on benefits this can have. it is also possible to suspend services from the soffit of a composite slab, using anchors that are designed to slot into the decking profile.

advantages and disadvantages of concrete slab floors hunker

concrete is often used to fill the base of a house, create the basement and to make a solid foundation. however if you don't pour concrete then, concrete slabs are another alternative for basement floors and walls. there are both advantages and disadvantages of using these slabs in your home, though.

teach how to build house roof by houdi, hollow pot slab

our machine could produce all block and bricks for a full house building by changing mold. concrete blocks for house wall building, houdi for buildings roof and color cement pavement bricks for

design of hollow pot slab

project sub-title : first floor slab made by date sketch and plan sketch on hollow pot slab plan slab dimensions hollow pot slab width, b = 3.00 m hollow block dimensions and thickness of topping hollow blocks have same length l=457mm and width w=205mm but their heights , h varies. hollow blocks have a minimum crushing strength of 3.50n/mm2

types of floor

ribbed floors have greater span and load potential per unit weight than flat slab construction. hollow pot floor. this is a ribbed cast in situ floor with permanent formwork in the form of hollow clay or concrete pots. this creates a flat soffit, allowing the direct application of a plaster finish or dry lining.

structural design 2 ribbed joist , hollow pot and waffle

structural design 2 ribbed joist , hollow pot and waffle slab design to bs 8110 mr.asish seeboo 1 lecture 4: 1.0 ribbed slab 1.0.1 introduction 1.0.2 presentation of ribbed floor plan 1.0.3 advantages and disadvantages of ribbed slab 1.0.4 sizing of slab and ribs 1.0.5 design methodology 1.0.6 summary 1.1 hollow pot slab

hollow vs solid slab for your decking

hollow vs solid slab for your decking over the years, design and construction methods of buildings have evolved. these evolu¬tion has led to many options of design and construction methods of various structural components or elements of a building; such as floors, wall, and so on.

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general building construction 1. from wikieducator. jump to precast concrete floor hollow pots design requirements for upper concrete floors . cast and cure concrete in upper floors . construct suspended timber floors 27.2.1p1 content. casting and curing suspended concrete floors concrete mix compaction curing construction of suspended

how to reduce weight in a suspended concrete floor

the concrete is laid the same way but hollow pots are added to reduce weight. this blocks are hollow in the middle. the reinforcements are laid in between them and concrete is added and vibrated to hold them together. the top concrete is about three inches thick. the suspended concrete floor hollow pots are either clay or concrete blocks.

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building an extension 3

in part 3 of skill builder's series following an extension build it's time for the suspended beam and block flooring. generally speaking, there are two options for constructing ground floors.