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retaining wall repair cost - consult with a structural engineer before beginning work. can my retaining wall be repaired and how much do you think the cost might be? how would you repair it if you feel it can be saved? lynn c., lexington, ky. the first thing i noticed in your photos is the wall is not leaning at all towards your

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repairing a retaining wall read expert tips on how to repair a retaining walla landscaping wall that can be used to retain earth after an excavation. retaining walls have to work a lot

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leaning retaining walls generally indicate improper construction and may fail suddenly and catastrophically. hence, leaning retaining walls should not be taken lightly. typical repairs consist of installing closely-spaced helical tie-back anchors. in some cases, it may be necessary to remove a failing retaining wall and replace it.

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having a leaning retaining wall on your property is something that most homeowners arent equipped to handle. the damages are sure to be expensive, and the wall seems to be moving further out every day. well, its actually moving every rain. thats right; water is the likely culprit. backfill soil is notorious for expanding and read more

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how do you know if you need retaining wall repair services? what is a retaining wall? retaining walls serve to retain the lateral pressure of soil. simply put, retaining walls are used to hold back soil and substrate from moving due to the effects of gravity and erosion. retaining walls are typically designed out of concrete, stone, wood

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does anyone have tips regarding recommendations for stabilizing or in the clients words 'fix' leaning concrete cantilever retaining walls? a client has an emergency spillway for a lake that was constructed of segmental concrete cantilever retaining walls that vary in height from 4 feet to 13.5 feet stem height .

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how to repair a retaining wall the easy way and not so easy way how to strhten a leaning concrete foundation wall retaining walls - how to avoid costly mistakes and diy your landscaping

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our june 15 soils matter blog post described the various types of retaining walls and how they work. when not built properly, retaining walls may cave under the pressure of the materials they are supporting. this can occur gradually, which allows you time to fix the wall yourself or call for assistance. although it rarely

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hi all i have this ugly railroad tie retaining walls which are old and falling down. i need ideas how to fix it or replace it cheaply because i want to have a deck put on the front of my house next year so i don't want to spend too much just to tear it down again.

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best way to anchor a leaning wooden retaining wall? i built a retaining wall using 4x4 pressure treated timbers. they are set horizontally instead of vertically and we staggered so no joint is lined up with another. the wall is 40 feet long and 3 feet high on one end and it goes up to 4 feet on the other. we drilled each 4x4 and used re-bar to

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how to inexpensively repair a crumbling retaining wall at your home this retaining wall looks like it should be replaced, but it can be repaired. it s not that expensive to repair it.

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retaining wall damage and privacy damage identification, troubleshooting, cures. this article describes the different types of damage that can occur to different types of retaining or barrier walls.damage ranges from cosmetic lime staining on wet privacy walls to catastrophic if a tall retaining wall collapses.

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common causes of retaining wall failure and how to fix them the retaining wall can end up leaning over and toppling from the cheap materials can easily lead to a retaining wall failure.

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the stem of a cantilever retaining wall is steel reinforced to resist the lateral forces against it. in addition, the footing and stem must be properly connected with steel bars so that the stem cannot rotate on the footing. most of the leaning retaining walls we see are the ever popular, concrete block retaining wall.

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my timber retaining wall is falling over, i'm just wondering what my options are? is there a way to fix what i've got, or will i need to dig this whole area out and rebuild? you can't tell from the pictures but it's about 3-4 feet tall. photo:

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railroad tie retaining wall problems? repair or replace 704.787.6972 if you are a homeowner, realtor, or property manager in the charlotte area and you are dealing with a damaged or decaying

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these include the wall leaning in the wrong direction, failures in sections of the wall, the soil pushing the wall over, and even the total failure of the wall. how to repair retaining walls the good news is that if you catch the problems early enough, you can often fix many retaining wall issues yourself. here are some fixes that you can try:

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repairing retaining walls. to repair retaining walls, we at midamerica basement systems typically recommend either wall anchors or helical tiebacks to restore structural integrity. both wall repair techniques use a strong steel wall bracket on the exterior of the retaining wall to brace the wall and properly distribute the anchor's clamping

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a: roger cook replies: it's possible that there is a way to push a wall back in place without damaging the mortar joints, but i'm not aware of it. and even if it could be done, it would probably be mighty costly. my guess is that the leaning portions of the wall will have to be disassembled and rebuilt by an experienced mason, after the soil has been excavated behind it.

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the ultimate guide on how to fix a retaining wall. a retaining wall isnt just an aesthetic element in your yard. it has a job to do, holding soil and whatevers in and on that soil in a certain position. here in the franklin area, without retaining walls, large areas of our yards might be unusable due to the rolling hills.

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repair service for leaning and bowing retaining walls. retaining walls are similar to basement walls in the sense that both types of walls are subject to lateral movement which causes the walls to lean or bow. however, the variation in materials used to construct retaining walls is much greater than that of basement walls.

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a wood retaining wall is a nice addition to your property to create a terraced area. the problem is over time maintenance is needed due to wood rot. first thing you need to do is inventory on what needs to be replaced and what is connected to that element of the timber retaining wall. at times an

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unlike stone or masonry retaining walls, retaining walls made of railroad ties do not weigh enough to retain soil without proper modifications. installing deadmen in the retaining wall helps anchor it since the ends of the deadmen are anchored by the weight of the soil above the deadmen.

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repairing leaning timber retaining wall charlotte nc - need a leaning retaining wall repaired? you've come to the right place if you need your retaining wall repaired. with over 20 yrs of

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q: when we bought our 1942 house nine years ago, it came with a brick retaining wall 35 feet long and 4½-to-5½ feet tall.holding up the stairs to our front door, it was already leaning to one