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wood fence or vinyl fence? youve decided to build a fence. there are so many fence material options wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental metal, to name a few.. how do you know which material is best for your project? in this post, well discuss the pros and cons of two popular fence building materials wood and vinyl.

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vinyl is still a relatively weak material, however, and when exposed to wind, rain, or heat, it can bend or become dislodged. sunlight and high temperatures discolor the fencing and make it brittle. vinyl is worse than wood when it comes to absorbing impacts, and tends to look cheaper despite having higher up-front costs.

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vinyl fencing vs. wood fencing wood has long been a prominent material for building fences. however, since its introduction in the 1980s, vinyl fencing has significantly increased in popularity and is now in many ways considered to be a superior choice.

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established in 1994, vinyl fence depot has been manufacturing, fabricating and installing quality vinyl fencing products for over 24 years. as one of the first family-owned vinyl products companies, vinyl fence depot takes pride in delivering a quality product with outstanding customer service.

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vinyl fences vs. wood fences vs. iron fences september 11, 2018 / irish iron / irish iron. when you're looking for a new fence for your home, there are 3 main categories that you will have to choose from. you have either wood, vinyl or metal as the material that is used to create your new fence. each one has its pros and cons, and depending on

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vinyl vs wood fence. vinyl is an attractive fence material, made even more appealing by its non-porous and easy-to-clean surface. pvc is the type of vinyl most often used for fencing because of its reputation for durability and affordability. its synthetic appearance can stick out against natural backgrounds, though, which makes it less

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wood fence vs vinyl fence. some of our customers have asked us whats the difference between a wood fence and a vinyl fence?.there are many differences between these two types of fences, each with their own pros and cons.

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wood vs vinyl fencing a comparison. wood fence vs. vinyl fence what does it cost? which is the best choice for you? this is a very popular question we hear every week, so with this much interest i thought it would make a great blog article.

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find out if a wood fence or a vinyl fence is better for you. wood fence or vinyl fence? which is better? find out if a wood fence or a vinyl fence is better for you. wood vs vinyl fences

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wood fence vs. vinyl fence: comparing the two. why wood may not be the best option. the wood fence has been around since day one. today, technology and new materials have changed the fencing world and now there are more options, than ever when it comes to your fence material. dont get us wrong, wood fences look amazing

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vinyl vs. wood fencing. when you are installing a new fence , you will have the option of choosing a vinyl fence or a wood fence. vinyl fences offer several advantages over wood security fences. when you install a vinyl fence, your fence will require very little maintenance. in addition, vinyl fences do not require painting and staining during

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vinyl vs wood fence. if youre considering installing a new fence you may have to choose between vinyl and wood. a wood fence over time will take more maintenance than a vinyl fence, but is easier to repair and has a cheaper upfront cost. vinyl fences stand up to weathering and will keep a freshly painted look longer than a wood fence.

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variations in vinyl fence. vinyl comes in a finite number of looks called profiles usually rectangle or square and colors white or tan wood round rail and split rail fence have that more rustic look and appearance. now you must consider that since these profiles shapes of the lumber they can be as much as 25% more than vinyl.