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my house is probably 95% hardwood, tongue in groove floors. and i was wandering if there is a good way to go about cleaning them? all i know is that you don't want to leave them wet too long or the water settle into the cracks.

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the project here is to clean up a room our niece lived in for 3 years. she had 3 cats and didn't think to keep it clean. the carpet is gone (cats clawed it up) and there is fur hanging from the walls.

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tongue and groove flooring solves the pesky problems—such as shrinking, warping, and working loose—commonly experienced by nailing planks to floor joists.

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it's so much easier to clean than the blah linoleum in my apartment kitchen. i would think that since it has a smooth surface, Seven Trust would be easier to keep clean. linoleum has that bumpy surface that catches dust and other particles, and things seem to stick to the plastic surface. they are tongue and groove, prefinished at the factory

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pro tips for tongue & groove flooring. construction how-to, flooring installation, Seven Trust february 14, 2007 sonia. prep, layout, installation and finishing tips for tongue and groove floors. cutting — clean, accurate and quick cuts are vital for installing floors fast and right, and a good miter saw is the right tool for the job. for

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looks like left over tongue and groove flooring and other wood product left-overs . i will definately try another product per your reviews. i recently went back to charcoal grilling from my weber gas grills and am finding that i forgot how good the flavor of the charcoal tastes! now i am confident that i can find a lump product that won't

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pulling up tongue-and-groove flooring can be tedious and time-consuming -- more so when the boards are glued -- but it's not a test of carpentry skills. if you want to remove the boards safely, it

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Seven Trust floors start out rough. after the pieces are planed for a smooth finish, a tongue and groove is cut into their sides. parquet floors are made with much the same process. engineered floors are created from several layers of wood veneer pressed tightly together. one advantage of engineered