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life cycle assessment of cruising ship superstructure

a cruise ship or cruise liner is a large-scale ship used for transporting goods, cars and passengers. mostly, it is a pleasure voyage, which the voyage itself and the ships amenities are part of the experience. for the material used for manufacturing these cruising ships, traditionally, large ships are made of steel.

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ers marine division is a forward thinking, highly specialised division of euro resin solutions ltd and are suppliers of a complete range of imo approved marine flooring and marine deck covering, coatings, underlayments and screed products and services, including full product supply and installation of our market leading marine decking and epoxy resin flooring systems.

new materials for ships - carbon fibre, glass fibre and

new materials for ships - carbon fibre, glass fibre and aluminium a major step forward in materials science means that it is now technically possible to construct ships for national and international traffic in carbon or glass fibre, while meeting classification societies' safety requirements.

determination of light ship displacement

, the responsibility for initiating lightweight surveys and inclining tests rests with the yard for ships being built or modified in norway, and with the owners if the ship is abroad. a qualified person shall be in charge of making preparations, conducting the lightweight survey and inclining test, recording the data and calculating the results.

21st century ship lightweighting - ship structure

lightweight shipbuilding materials, such as high-strength steel, aluminum and composites, have presented unexpected challenges for the design community. the goal of this project is to document best practices in ship lightweighting and provide a strategy for addressing current shortcomings.

high density material norock and co

norock and co`s main objective is to supply and deliver solid ballast material and to carry out consulting work for marine constructions in the north sea and world wide. the company was established in norway back in 1976 and gained the knowledge and experience while working for norwegian contractors.

second international symposium on structural lightweight

lightweight aggregate concrete in the new european cen standards for materials and execution 27 mr. thomas a. holm, escsi, expanded shale, clay and slate institute, usa specified density concrete - a transition 37 dr. ing. karl melby, norwegian road administration - mere and romsdal county, norway use of high strength lwac in norwegian bridges. 47

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this traditional setesdal black jacket is the most well-known traditional norwegian cardigan. the setesdal knitting pattern is the most recognized norwegian pattern, and origins from the setesdal valley in the south of norway. this black setesdal jacket is made of 100% norwegian wool.

nasa - the right stuff for super spaceships

scientists are still searching for a good solution. the trick is to provide adequate shielding without adding lots of extra weight to the spacecraft. some lightweight radiation-shielding materials are currently being tested in an experiment called misse onboard the international space station. but these alone won't be enough.

the use of composite materials in nautical - 3mb co.,ltd.

composite materials have in essence, changed the course of how we build ships. the benefits of using lightweight materials that create a vessel that is not only seaworthy but safe has at last reached its fruition. take a look at this link to see how the advances made in composites used for vessels have changed the ship building industry.

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skjold-class corvette. jump to navigation jump to search. ship class. skjold-class corvettes skjold means 'shield' in norwegian are a class of six large, superfast, stealth missile corvettes in service with the royal norwegian navy.

40 years of experience with the use of eps geofoam blocks

nearly 40 years of experience with expanded polystyrene eps as a lightweight fill material in norway has brought about both a wider use on a global scale and the introduction of a number of different design applications.

ship with lightweight materials - weber

commuters from fosen and city dwellers holidaying along the coast can thus now take a much quieter, more environmentally friendly 25-minute trip across the trondheim fjord. a major reason for this is the ship's reduced weight, which helps make it possible to replace almost all fossil fuel use with electricity.

lightweight composite materials used in cruise liners

imo-certified lightweight materials for cruise liners. readily available products like the trb lightweight structures imo-approved cellite 220 panels have offered a light-weight solution to the marine sector for so many years now. these panels find use in building walls, floors, gangways, galleys and so much more.

new materials for ships - carbon fibre, glass fibre and

new materials for ships - carbon fibre, glass fibre and aluminium. all these groups have been working on the läss project, bringing to it a unique collection of skills and knowledge. lightweight materials good for the environment and for costs there are many benefits from building in lightweight materials.

7 ways norway isn't as expensive as you think

edited august 2019. i cant tell you how many times ive told someone that im half norwegian, or more recently that i live in norway and run a norway travel blog you can read why i chose to move to norway here , and theyve sighed and said that they would love to visit norway someday, but it will have to wait until they have enough money.

composite superstructures offer weight and cost benefits

the läss project. two of the lightweight solutions a ro-pax roll on/roll off passenger ferry and a freighter involve the replacement of the steel superstructure with one made from lightweight sandwich composite materials. the ro-pax ferry study was based on the 188 m stena hollandica. the following design philosophy was adopted.

a new material to cut weight of ships by 30 percent and

a new material to cut the weight of ships by 30%. veikko hintsanen, a captain from finland, has helped the german researchers to design a super light ship which they call bioship 1. for shipping companies a lighter ship means more payload, less trips and therefore less fuel consumption and co2 emissions.

time for light weight composite materials to enter the

light weight sandwich composite materials have only been used in a smaller amount and basically in smaller passenger ships in norway. these smaller passenger catamaran ferries have been developed by brødrene aa in carbon fibre sandwich technique, after an initial support from kockums regarding design in cfrp-sandwich, have shown to be extremely

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a guide to understanding ship weight and tonnage

deadweight tonnage is a good indication for ship owners and clients of how much revenue the vessel is capable of generating. what is lightweight tonnage: lightweight tonnage is best described as the weight of the ship when it was built in the shipyard including all framing, machinery, decking, etc.

switching from steel to lightweight composite materials in

switching from steel to lightweight composite materials in shipbuilding. plus, the new material will meet the sophisticated demands of the shipbuilding industry, which continues to grow in areas such as ferry construction. another enormous advantage of fiber-reinforced composites is that they dont rust.

the use of composite materials in nautical - 3mb co.,ltd.

more recently, scientist have been involved in a new project, the lightweight structures at sea project lass . this project is responsible for two major ship building projects using composite materials as the chief ingredient in the building process. composite materials have in essence, changed the course of how we build ships.

lightweight construction for advanced shipbuilding

some sandwich configurations. there is increasing use of mixed solutions in which various materials are combined in one ship or superstructure. current and potential applications of lightweight materials in ships are mainly related to high speed passenger and car ferries, patrol and rescue craft, smaller naval ships e.g. mine countermeasure

longitudinal strength of ships - an introduction

first is the self-weight of the ship, also called the lightweight. it comprises of the ship hulls structural weight, the weight of machinery and the weight of outfitting basically, all the items which are unchanging are part of lightweight . the other type of weight is the deadweight dwt .

skjold-class corvette - wikipedia

the first ship of its class, p960, was launched on 22 september 1998 and commissioned 17 april 1999. a norwegian parliamentary white paper of 2001 recommended building five additional boats, and this was agreed to in 2002. six skjold-class vessels replaced the royal norwegian navy's previous fourteen hauk-class patrol boats.

7 ways norway isn't as expensive as you think

well, norwegian air is quickly making norway a more affordable destination as well. in fact, norwegian often offers the cheapest flight to europe both from asia and the u.s., which means that you can squeeze in a weekend in norway before catching a budget flight to your final european destination and actually end up saving money.

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the first stone churches in norway were built from around 1100 in romanesque style, and about 15 churches were initiated in the early 12th century. after the norman conquest of england in 1066, the anglo-norman style was the main inspiration for romanesque church building in west norway, agder and trøndelag.