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the future of retail: 2018 and beyond 'business as usual' is not an option in the retail sector, thanks to new technologies, changing patterns of consumer behaviour, and the influence of

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overall construction costs are forecasted for ongoing increase in 2018 in the 2-3% range, led by 3-4% higher construction labor costs. canadian construction will likely grow 4% in 2018, after a 1% decline in 2017. growth in 2018 will be fueled by a rebound in non-building construction.

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don't look now, but the post-election bubble in investor confidence regarding the health of the u.s. economy is hissing air. for months, market bulls focused on strong "soft" economic data, such

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on nov. 1, chief economists from constructconnect, co-sponsored by the american institute of architects (aia) and the associated general contractors of america (agc), put forth their 2018 growth estimate of 4.8 percent. its “2018 design & construction outlook” was its ninth annual fall economic webcast.

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the outlook for the construction industry in 2018 is positive if we look at how architecture firms have been performing this year. “design firms are seeing healthy conditions [which] certainly points to continued growth in construction as we move into 2018,” stated kermit baker. obstacles & opportunities

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resources, like the source from johns manville, or nia’s, can be critical to equipping the next generation of skilled laborers for the construction boom of 2018. the outlook for 2018 shows strong, forward momentum with a few hurdles that the industry will need to clear to successfully capitalize on the industry growth that we

facebook building its first asia data centre in singapore

facebook building its first asia data centre in singapore. to be operational in 2022, the new facility will span 11 storeys and see the social media company invest s$1.4 billion (us$1.02 billion

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the construction industry in 2018: a forecast. 2017 marked a great year for the construction industry as two factors have drastically improved: technology and infrastructure spending. construction experts and analysts see that 2018 will be no different, and the two will continue to soar.

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working too long can be unhealthy -- and fatal that figure almost doubles to 52 percent in the construction industry. first published on january 31, 2018 / 5:00 am