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the dialogic link with mies' barcelona pavilion is made explicit by alison smithson in 1990, on the occasion of the independent group: postwar britain and the aesthetics of plenty exhibition, which included a remade version of patio and pavilion this comment is made, of course, 34 years after the initial staging of patio and pavilion.see alison smithson, ‘“patio and pavilion

alison and peter smithson written by nicholas oslington by

at their ‘patio and pavilion’ installation at the ‘this is tomorrow’ exhibition in 1956, alison and peter smithson, along with the artist eduardo paolozzi and nigel henderson constructed a

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this is tomorrow is now considered a watershed in post-war british art and in some respects kick started the development of the british arm of pop art. the 1977 song "this is tomorrow" from in your mind by bryan ferry, a student of richard hamilton's, took its title from the name of the show.

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just seemed like another so-so chain restaurant. however, i have friends who just rave about it, so we could have hit a bad night. the restaurant is rather strangely decorated (maybe that's changed), but the patio is fun & pretty and all the pretty people of nb will be there tomorrow night lookin for love.

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in 1956, during the famous “this was tomorrow” exhibition at the whitechapel art gallery in london, alison and peter smithsons created the “patio and pavilion“ area together with the artists nigel henderson and eduardo paolozzi.