best non slip composite decking

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what's the best non slip decking product? polydeck

is composite decking non slip? over time, unfortunately a let of decking surfaces can become slippery and potentially hazardous. however, the composite grp anti slip decking from polydeck is specially designed with a textured surface, to ensure that the decking retains it’s non-slip properties, even when wet. contact the polydeck team today!

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slip resistant composite decking: non-slip composite

first generation composite decking: composite decking’s reputation for slipperiness comes in large part from the first generation of the material. these products tended to absorb moisture easily, making them easy to slip on.

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the best non slip decking - nexgen decking

but of course, deciding that you need a deck is only the first step. next, you have to decide on the right material. one feature that you should consider is slip resistance. the best anti-slip decking. an anti-slip deck is a great choice, whether you have pets, small children, or are older and a little more concerned about falling.