do pergolas cause snow issues

5 easy fixes for the most common snow-blower problems

caution: keep in mind that you shouldnt run a single-stage snow blower over gravel because it can pick up and throw the gravel with the snow, possibly damaging windows or injuring passersby

how to identify landscape drainage issues circle d

here in north texas, clay is a common component in our soil. this causes a variety of problems from building and construction to gardening and landscaping. when you have clay or sandy soil that is causing drainage issues, you may need to add soil amendments to help make them more efficient and easier to use.

cantilevered pergola -- diy designed and built hometalk

the way we did it would not work with a steel roof and snow load. my husband thinks the snow load and steel roof on a cantilever design would just be to much. he suggests that if you do go ahead with this design, that you sink the three posts into three-foot deep holes filled with concrete.

protect your vehicle from snow and ice with a carport

one of the biggest winter car issues faced in salt lake city and surrounding areas, where there is a lot of snow, is the salt used to prevent ice on the roads. cars encounter salt as you make your daily commute to and from the places you travel each day.

car care 101: the dangers of using only tarps to protect

a car wearing a tarp of the proper size that's parked underneath a carport also has protection from the snow, rain, hail, wind and sun. a carport even keeps the frost off of an uncovered car storing a car underneath this type of shelter allows for easy access to the vehicle.

how to check sheds for winter damage new england outdoor

the snow is finally melting in new england, and that means you can start planning spring projects around your home and yard. however, one of the first items on your seasonal to-do list should be to assess your yard structureslike sheds, gazebos and pergolasfor any winter damage.. not sure where to start?

does insurance cover a roof collapse caused by snow and ice

properly insulating the attic is another way to prevent or reduce the risk of snow and ice collapsing a roof. simply put, proper insulation can reduce heat loss. not only will this save you money on your heating bill, but it will also allow any snow and ice build up on your roof to melt and slough off naturally as the outside conditions warm up.

will snow damage my deck this winter? tips for clearing

feb 2015 do shovel your deck when the accumulated snow exceeds 3 ½ ft and you suspect the decks structure may be sub-par. until recently, that much snow had been reserved for canadians, but suddenly americans can enjoy it as well.

minimizing the adverse effects of snow and ice on roofs

snow and ice falling from roofs that slope to cold eaves. steep slopes, warm roofs, and slippery surfaces increase these risks. § falling ice and snow can damage lower roofs. § meltwater can cause problems associated with excess ground water and below-grade dampness beneath the eaves. § problematic icicles and ice dams can

landscaping myth: does female dog urine kill your lawn

most of the time, having a happy lawn and a happy dog are two goals that can be accomplished simultaneously. but when you hear that female dog urine is more deadly to grass than male urine, your eyes bug out, you consider inventing doggie diapers, and your pooch stares at you wondering if youve officially lost it.

water in basement from melting snow? 5 helpful prevention

each year in winter and spring, homeowners have to deal with water in their basement because of melting snow and ice. further, as winter weather fluctuates in temperature each week, warmer days melt accumulated snow that has settled around a home's foundation.

10 best gazebos of 2019 for your backyard: portable or

the best gazebos listed in our top 10 are reviewed and tested so you can pick the right one for your garden and patio, or for your camping trip. accumulated rainwater causes the roof to sag; best electric snow shovels for easy and fast snow cleaning. january 24, 2019. best hammocks: relax on hot summer days.

pros and cons of polycarbonate panels

pros and cons of polycarbonate panels. polycarbonate panels are not very resistant to scratching, marring, and abrasive surfaces. as a result, denting is possible on the surface if care is not taken. they are also highly sensitive to abrasive cleaners, alkaline cleaning products, and solvents.

5 must-do fall chores for your outdoors top autumn

unfortunately, what you dont do can also have a big hand in creating next years problems. here are 5 must-do fall chores to help you, your landscape, and your lawn and garden equipment prepare for ol man winter. 5 must-do fall chores for your outdoors 1 mow your grass a little seven trustr the last time

youre doing it wrong 10 ways youre messing up snow

4. removing snow from plants causes damage. understandably, you want to avoid the danger of snow pileup on tree branches. even a layer of snow on smaller plants and shrubs can create an icy mess. but shaking tree limbsor plantscan damage their limbs and root systems.

metal roofing in snow country - roofing contractor

low-slope standing seam roofs. presently, we are consulting on a couple of metal roofs where the architect designed a slope of 1/4 inch per foot. the span for both roofs was 200 feet or more. both are located in southern new england - not serious snow country for a mainer like myself - but problems developed nonetheless.

common masonry problems and how to fix them

if your chimney doesnt have a cover, rain and snow from the top could be a significant problem. chimneys are generally covered to keep out rain, snow, debris, and animals. once your chimney is significantly blocked by debris falling in near the bottom, you run a significant risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

co patio covers - carports

pergolas pergolas are typically not designed to require a roof load to transfer to the supporting piers or footings, thus not requiring the construction to be designed for normal roof/snow loading. check with your local municipality to see if they require a permit for these type of assemblies. if a permit is required by your jurisdiction, please

eye problems - causes and treatment

causes of common eye problems. most of these eye problems are short-lived and will probably go away on their own with no complications. however, sudden eye problems and those that last for more than a couple of days should be checked by an eye doctor. some serious eye diseases often have sudden symptoms. the following is a list of common eye problems and their possible causes.

pros and cons of metal roofing - hometips

metal roofing is practically impervious to rain and snow because of the way the panels interlock and because the surfaces are hard and slippery. in addition, dark tones of metal roofing quickly warm in the snow, encouraging snow melt.

snow blower won't start? 6 troubleshooting to try first

advertisement. first, prime the engine by pressing the flexible primer bulb, a small rubber or silicone bulb located on your snow blower near the carburetor, three to five times. this will force a small amount of fuel into the carburetor where it can more easily ignite. immediately after priming, try to start the blower.

aluminum pergola : expectations vs reality outdoor

the aluminum pergola is the answer to most of your backyard issues related to space utilization and decoration. for houses that are not very big and do not have a lot of space in the backyard, an aluminum pergola can be used to extend a smaller backyard, so it does not restrict you from spending some beautiful hours amidst the green lawns.

best patio covers

it can be used for homes in the southern states. the aluminum covered patio can create a nice covered porch without needing a huge budget. the biggest dback is that there can be issues in either heavy wind or with significant snow weight which is why we dont suggest these for northern states or any area that receives any accumulation of snow.

troubleshooting guide: landscape lighting not working?

make sure you dont have nicks in the wire to the outlet from your transformer as this can cause gfci outlets to trip as well. gfci outlets are the ones that have the test/reset buttons in the middle of them. sometimes the gfci outlet that is on the circuit that controls exterior outlets is on the other side

what causes snow? - weather questions

snow can also form from very cold air flowing over a large ice-free lake, a situation called lake effect snow. in mountainous regions, air being forced to rise as it flows up and over the mountain can cause large snowfall accumulations. precipitation caused by this mountain-forced ascent is called orographic precipitation.

do i really have to winterize or blow out my sprinkler

too much pressure can cause damage to the valves or piping and using a small shop compressor will result in it not having enough free air to properly winterize the system. when properly done, the blow out method forces all of the water out of the sprinkler system so there is no chance of freeze damage throughout the winter months.

how to prevent condensation under a metal roof: the enemy

warm, wet air rises and meets the cold roof and cools. as it cools, it cant hold as much moisture. that excess moisture ends up as drops of condensation on the roof: picture a cloud of moisture floating overhead between the rafters. this video shows what a significant condensation problem can look like.

how to prepare flowerbeds for winter, and stop next year's

autumn is here, and although its the season for ghosts, goblins, hot chocolate and everything pumpkin, its also time to prepare your flowerbeds for winter how beds are put to rest this fall will have a lot to do with how they perform next year. and that includes everything from plant