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here are more designs you can use for the ends. install the support beams to the 4×4 post using 3 outdoor screws. use clamps to position and hold them in place. the support beams will stick out 12 on both ends. the support beams will be 3 below the top of the 4×4 post. use a level to make sure both support beams are leveled with each other.

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two 10 treated 4 x 4s for upright posts. one 8 treated 4 x 4 for top beam. two brackets to attach top beam to posts. seven 2 sections of 2 x 2 for cross pieces. small pieces of 1/2 x 4 to cover brackets optional one bag of concrete mix. posthole digger. post level.

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alternatives for 6x6 posts. in fact, there are suppliers that offer vertical laminated post members for use in post-framed buildings. made with three or four 2x6s, the posts bottom 6 or 8 feet are treated for ground contact and then finger-jointed to the upper parts.

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then i backfilled the 6 x 6 posts and fastened them to the frame. this method works for pergolas in open lawn space. if you are building over an existing stone patio, don't anchor the structure

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planning to use 4 - 6x6 post, with 2x10 beams sandwitching 6x6 post for 17ftx17ft. using 2x6 rafter with 2x2 slats. has anyone created 17x17 pergola with 4 posts - any input and suggestion to achieve this is appreciated.

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a strong base is the key to a strong pergola: when working with wood, a 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 post is your best choice for long-term durability. 4 x 4 posts although much less expensive than the thicker ones, simply wont hold up over time. they will begin to bend and bow and within a year or two your structure can start to look more like a curvy art sculpture than an outdoor oasis.

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go with 6x6's. 6x6's will be less likely to twist or crown, especially if there is any height to the structure. 6 x 6 will look a lot better and will not warp as badly as 4 x 4s will will also be a hell of a lot harder to handle and a hell of a lot more expensive, though .

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this table shows that a 4x4 pine post that is 6 ft or shorter can support a load area of up to 10 ft² assuming 50 lbs/ft². don't trust me or a random table on the internet; make our own calculations from tables in the building code or other trusted sources and consider having them checked by an engineer.

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the owt ornamental wood ties 6 x 6 post base-6 x 6 pb-ls-b- decorative wood connector is used for pergolas, decks, veranda posts, pavilions, arbors and railings. it includes hardware for convenient installation.

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there are even brace and support kits for building square 4 x 4 pergola structures. modern pergolas are usually made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or some form of polyvinyl. as you will see with the pergola design ideas below, you can use any materials you want.

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1. select the site for the pergola and mark the placement of the four posts. use a post-hole digger or two-person auger to dig holes to a depth of 24' and width of 9'. add a few inches of gravel to the bottom of the holes for drainage. insert 4' x 4' posts in holes. ensure the posts are level and plumb. attach temporary 2' x 4' bracing to hold

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next attach the 6 x 6 to the post anchor. this will depend on the type of post anchor you use, so follow the instructions that come with the anchor. now level the post and brace it with 2 x 4s. how to build a pergola adding the end beams. we will add the first layer of beams, the outer beams or support beams 2 x 12s .

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will 4×6 columns carry the load? another excellent question from a soon to be new post frame pole building owner. dear pole barn guru: the materials just arrived for my pole barn and construction is to start on monday.