indian deck officers on cruise ships

how to become a deck officer in a cruise ship as a

your original version of op makes reference to us ships. that makes more sense, even though there are practically no us flagged cruise ships. you won't get a job on

cruise ship 2nd officer jobs

cruise ship jobs - 2nd officer. back to all deck department jobs. register for this job now 2nd officer job description and duties: - the 2nd officer is a navigation and watch keeping officer and bridge team member - reports to the master and to the staff captain - during his/her watch the 2nd officer is representing the master and is in

9 cruise ship workers dish the dirty details of life at sea

ex cruise ship employee here. we get absolutely plastered below deck. everyone gets it on all over the ship. my girlfriend at the time and i had a competition with an officer and his lady for the riskiest place to have sex. i thought we had won with the bow of the ship in the middle of the night. nope. he, being an officer, stopped the elevator

cruise ship 2nd officer jobs

- assist the lower-ranked deck officers in in familiarization with the bridge instruments and equipment - while the ship is in port the watch keeping officer observes gangways, supervises the moorings and is aware of any significant work in progress as well as monitors the in-port manning duties

can a merchant navy officer join as a cruise ship officer

its true that indians / asians / residents of other developing countries are least preferred as marine officers deck / engine / electrical on cruise ships. the reason isnt racism imo. thats a bit harsh.

how to apply as a cruise ship deck officer cruise job

cruise ship jobs as a deck officer. deck officers aka: navigation officers maintain watches on the bridge while the ship is at sea and in port. some of their responsibilities include passage planning, safe navigation of the ship, crew safety training, ship stability, and maintenance of deck and safety equipment. the career path of a deck officer starts as a deck cadet.

whos who on cruise ship and whats a stripe? crew center

captain the only five stripe officer, the captain wears a wide gold bar, two regular gold stripes, plus a loop. chief officer sports four regular gold stripes plus a loop. other officers in the deck department wear different numbers of gold stripes with top stripes looped. chief engineer bears four gold stripes.

deck and engine jobs on cruise ships

visit all cruise jobs for latest deck and engine job vacancies on-board cruise ships. a selection of most recent deck and engine jobs is below: river - sailor first officer purpose of the job safe navigation in compliance with all statutory regulations to make sure that the guests feel comfortable to be a role model for t en tir e c rew d epu

cruise ship 3rd officer jobs

cruise ship jobs - 3rd officer. back to all deck department jobs. register for this job now 3rd officer job description and duties: - the third officer is an assistant to the oow or the junior watch keeping officer on the ship

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chief officer. job description: depending on the size of the ship and the cruise line will determine if the duties are split between two 1st officers. typically, the 1st officer in charge of safety safety officer is the more senior rank over the 1st officer in charge of navigation. one of these officers is also the bridge manager,

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welcome aboard, i would like to introduce myself as peter, second deck officer on board this fantastic cruise ship. the majority of my time, when on duty, is spent on the bridge. i am a navigation officer and have spent, prior to getting this job, many years in a nautical school and serving at sea on cargo ships and tankers.

how to become a deck officer then captain of cruise ships

quora user, sailed in all ranks, up to captain, on cruise ships. you can, but you will need to go back to school. your goal is to obtain a certificate of competency as officer of the watch, for unlimited size ships. your nationality will play a role in this though.

chief officer jobs on a cruise ship

it is the job of the first officer to ensure that the crew is well trained in the use of all life-saving equipment, including the lifeboats, the life rafts, and other related equipment. the chief officer also: ensures the sea-worthiness of the ship. maintains and checks the balance trim and list . keeps ship ready for inspection at any time.

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apply for a cruise ship job and get ready to start your journey onboard one of the worlds top cruise lines. learn how to apply today how to apply for cruise ship jobs uk and irish applicants interested in the deck, engineer and electro-technical cadetship program,

latest cruise ship salary for officers and ratings

deck ratings salary on cruise ships ratings that are working for the deck like bosun, painters, seaman, carpenter, have salary ranging from 1000$ to 1800$, as per the rank and experience. they assist the deck officers in day today work.

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i am working on cruise ships as eto electro techincial offier for last 3 years. i have not seen any deck side officers from india. mostly in hotel dept they are indians mixed with other nationalities. i do not know why there are no indians employed in deck and engine dept. 50% of the cruise ships have indian etos.

are there any indian deck officers or engineers working on

yes. why not i personaly know people wokring in engine and deck department of a crusie ship as an officer in higher ranks too . the vacancy does not normally comes out in open but done by the selected manning agency of the crusie ship in india.

what do the officer cabins look like on the cruise ship

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cruise ship jobs

the able seaman ab is a non-officer member of the deck crew deck rating position responsible for routine maintenance of the deck and hull of the ship, operation of tenders, lifeboats and rescue boats and ordinary seaman - os. the ordinary seaman os is is an unlicensed member of the deck department of the cruise ship.

cruise ship deck and engineer positions

cruise ship deck and engineer positions deckhands and engineer jobs . deckhand positions aboard large vessels with international crews are usually given to citizens of developing countries. however, small u.s.-registered ships and riverboats do recruit young americans just out of college or taking some time off from school.

crew officer cabin on a cruise ship

have you ever been in an officer cabin on a cruise ship? logomaco the digital sailor differently nomad exploring the world with a touch of seasid

cruise ship jobs

a cruise vessel is a hybrid between a ship and a five star hotel, therefore in general the cruise ship personnel is divided into two main categories: - marine operations division - these are the officers and crew who are directly responsible for sailing and operating the cruise ship deck and engine officers, seamen, motormen etc.

second deck officer

line manager: first deck officer/staff captainjob purposethe second officer performs his assigned bridge watch-standing and navigational duties. key responsibilities executes the correct performance of his assigned bridge watch-standing and naviga

3rd officer

3rd officer for celebrity cruises. we're looking for 3rd officers for celebrity cruise line as 3rd officer, you will help ensure the safety and efficiency december 16, 2019 - v.hospitality. 3rd officer. combine your experience and sense of adventure by joining our exciting team of employees working onboard our ships at sea .