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treads are stair steps, or the flat horizontal surfaces of a stair, and risers are the vertical surfaces that connect treads. the edge of a tread or landing that projects over the riser is called a nosing or leading edge. handrails are the horizontal or sloping rail above stairs that intended for grasping or support.

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10 unique homes on stilts. by ilyce glink which is attached to stairs leading to the ground. the overhangs beneath the main horizontal section of the house (which is propped up on stilts

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now flip over all of them, and onto the far deck. from there keep climbing and heading left to the lift lever. go up the stairs in the corner and start the killing. go up the stairs to the next level, take out the three brutes here, then run to the end of the catwalk and jump the chain. drop to the box, use the beam, then hit the zipline.

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head down the stairs and take the door to the left. you'll be back out on the deck of the draconis. take the door above you (the way to the left is blocked my monsters) into a large room. when you enter here, a soldier (wedge, no doubt) will get killed and fall down the stairs, blocking that route.

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i am installing composite decking stair and i found there are two ways to do it: one inch overhang: flush and show fascia edges: what are the pros and cons of each method? i tend to go with the second one for the fact that i have a bunch of groove decking boards. i don't want to show the groove at the edges so having fascia boards to cover is nice.

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the architect philip bess was born in the western suburbs of chicago in 1952, but he moved to southern california at the age of six. that meant he grew up a fan of the cubs and the dodgers, who'd

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maximum overhang for stair tread nosing stairway building codes this video will provide you with what the international building code refers to as the maximum distance a stair tread can

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stair tread nosing when building your stairs, it usually works well to use two deck boards to build the stair tread. the tread is the part of the stair that you walk on and is held in place by fasteners mounted to the horizontal surface of the stair stringers.

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once that’s done, i install the treads, which are sized to overhang the fascia 1 inch on each side. deck stairs are often not strhtforward. take the time to think through them, follow the basics, and be accurate in your cutting. kim katwijk, a deck builder in olympia, wash., and his wife, linda katwijk, are frequent contributors to the