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we specialize in anti slip flooring, coating and non slip treatment for tiles, floors, stairways, pools, spas, kitchen and bathrooms. get free quote: 0421 340 204

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anti slip floor treatments n o skidding treatments are suitable for slippery-when-wet ceramic, porcelain tile, mosaic, granite, saltillo, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, glazed brick, unsealed concrete, porcelain/enamel tubs, tile shower stalls and other stone or mineral surfaces.

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anti slip floor treatment fcs specialty services can turn your slippery kitchen floor, pool deck, bathtub or institution floor into a safe, efficient one. our anti-slip floor treatment creates an invisible, microscopic tread on the surface of your floor, making it less slippery.

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our anti-slip flooring treatment services work on any floor, surface, ramp, and stair, both indoor and outdoor, sliptech inc floor treatment pros. floor traction testing our certified technician will test the traction levels of your floor or surface. the ada recommends traction levels of .60 or greater to prevent slips and falls.

delta anti slip floor treatment

delta anti slip floor treatment is a slip resistant solution that creates microscopic channels on floor surface which will enhance the anti slip performance of it. delta anti slip topcoat delta anti slip topcoat is a rough coating layer integrated with fine particles and proprietary nano particles to improve the slip resistance of floor.

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anti slip floor treatment. for more than 30 years slipstop has been solving slippery floor problems for clients worldwide. we have worked on most cruise ships around the globe, the worlds most exclusive 5 star resorts, luxury car dealerships, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and government departments.

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anti slip floor treatment is a clear solution designed to be used on mineral surfaces such as ceramic, homogeneous and porcelain tiles, or concrete floor surfaces. when applied, the solution creates microscopic channels on the tiles that enhances the anti slip performance of the existing floor by increasing the dry and wet coefficients of friction.

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anti slip flooring treatments for tile, stone, laminates, hardwoods and more slip resistant solutions is the non slip flooring treatment leader for both residential and commercial applications anywhere we can help you improve the safety of your flooring, regardless of the surface type.

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we used to install non-slip floor stickers after our 2 years old child slip and fall while having his shower but stickers cant cover the entire area and it doesnt come cheap so we decided to try the treatment recommend by our friend. no regrets, the results was amazing, we can really feel the grip lindsay wong

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anti slip treatment. slipstop anti-slip treatments are not floor coatings and will consequently not peel off at any time. through a chemical reaction, slipstop treatments create a micro structure to the surface, leaving the floors slip-resistant even when exposed to water, grease, oil etc. slipstop treatments are carried out by our own

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our anti-slip floor coating treatment solution is pennies when compared to the cost of medical expense, lost time, and the suffering resulting from a slip/fall injury. dont let your profits slip away due to expensive lawsuits, employee down time or increased insurance costs.

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flexclean is the ideal product to use to maintain any surface treated with one of our anti slip treatments like product no. 90378 to prolong the effectiveness of the anti slip treatment.

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china anti slip back pvc plastic floor vinyl loose lay flooring no how to protect laminate flooring 12 steps with pictures 1342 home living room walkway wooden floor anti skid construction anti slip floor coating and sealing of resilient floors with pu making Seven Trust floors less slippery thriftyfun non slip flooring safety and floor coatings for the home making Seven Trust floors less slippery thriftyfun.

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anti slip treatment slipstop anti-slip treatments have over and over again proved to be the best and most cost effective solution for slippery floor problems. slipstop anti-slip treatments are single application treatments that make slippery floors anti-slip within hours. slip prevention is paramount as millions of people suffer, not only from the obvious result of

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non-slip 21 below is an anti-slip floor treatment that we would apply to your slippery flooring and then provide certified testing afterwards for your records. if you are outside of the southern california area, having us treat your floors could be costly as we must travel to your location.

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do-it-yourself anti-slip floor treatment for areas that get wet in use. creates a non-skid surface with little or no change to the appearance of the floor price: $98.00 per gallon treats 400-599 sq ft at about $0.19/sq ft plus shipping fob walton, ky.

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the anti-slip treatments significantly increase the co-efficient of friction and reduce the problems caused by slippery-when-wet surfaces. three distinct formulations help address three different groups of mineral based hard floor surfaces.

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yhh nano anti slip solution has high slip resistant to prevent slip and fall accident. after anti slip flooring treatment, wet and soapy floor is no longer slippery. bathroom tiles coated with anti slip floor treatment can ensure safety for elderly and kids.our anti slip coating is 100% effective for commercial too.

slip tech - out performs all non-slip competitors hands down

slip tech is the industry leader in non-slip and anti-slip treatment and slip-resistant floor products. we don't sell anti-slip or non skid coatings or paint. instead, our unique process creates a coefficient of friction to ensure stability.

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glazeguard plus is an anti-slip floor treatment designed to produce the coefficient of friction grip/traction levels that are safer in wet or dry conditions. glazeguard plus is classified as a high traction, high slip resistance floor finish, exceeding traditional wax and acrylic finishes wet or dry and meeting and exceeding ada standards.

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no skidding industrial anti slip treatment is recommended for use in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, fast food chains, food processing and industrial plants, swimming pool decks, shopping malls, department stores, food markets, senior care, schools, health clubs, nursing homes, rail and subway stations, airport terminals, and any hard tile surface where slip accidents may occur due to slippery-when-wet conditions on the above mentioned unsealed surfaces.