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meaning, you can install vinyl flooring in the cabin, but you should not install it on the deck. since luxury vinyl plank flooring is fully water resistant, it is the ideal solution for a boat where moisture is a major issue.

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since allure flooring is vinyl, it's not very stiff. thus, it goes down best over concrete, wood, linoleum or any other hard surface. installation over soft surfaces, such as carpeting, is not recommended by the manufacturer and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

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the allure flooring is two layers of vinyl glued together. those layers can separate in extreme temperatures. also, it is not uv resistant. it can start to dry rot. how big is your porch? is it sloped? you said it's a wood sub floor. i kind of want to see a picture. i think i'm missing something

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and as others have mentioned, the vinyl will crack, fade and look really nasty in a short amount of time and removing vinyl adhesive from concrete is not a fun job, and because vinyl doesn't belong outdoors, you don't want possible home buyers deducting $$ because they are calculating how long it will take to remove, or if they will have to replace the patio because of the vinyl.

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how to use vinyl flooring outdoors. vinyl flooring is before attempting to install vinyl flooring outside, can i put tile or linoleum on my wood deck? online service outside vinyl flooring - wood plastic composite floor for can vinyl flooring be used on it can be used inside as well as outside.

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if it is manufactured overseas, it is not shipped in a temperature controlled container, it is not shipped to and from the warehouse in a refrigerated container. when it comes time to put the floor down, make sure to allow the floor to acclimate to the final location that it will be installed in.

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a level subfloor is a prerequisite or any floor covering, but it isn't as important for vinyl planks as it is for more rigid materials, such as laminates or tiles.

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with vinyl floors, you can have a patio or deck floor that resembles the wood grain without compromising on versatility. safe; safety is a major concern when you have children. thankfully, vinyl gives can offer you peace of mind in this regard as its child-safe. it has plenty of traction, decreasing the likelihood of slipping. in additional, no nails or screws are used in installation and there are no sharp edges. even roaming around barefoot on your patio or deck is comfortable when you

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for all types of vinyl flooring installations, you should first make sure that your subfloor is both level and clean. this may involve using a self-leveler, sanding, or using an underlayment. some vinyl planks, such as waterproof vinyl and rigid core , are thick enough to conceal imperfections in subfloors.

can you use vinyl flooring outdoors

installing tile and stone flooring flooring information if you are installing tile over a wood subfloor or existing vinyl, you should install an additional substrate you can use a regular utility knife; just make sure to transitioning from tile to another flooring surface can be tricky. view full source

can you use vinyl flooring on outside patio

can you install vinyl flooring outdoors? - yahoo answers. no, i wouldn't install vinyl flooring outside. you could paint it with a nice patio paint or you could sandblast it back down to concrete .

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the fiberglass type of vinyl flooring would be the only sheet vinyl product i would even try. another option i didn't see mentioned would be cork flooring. it can handle all extremes for the most part. hot, cold, wet, dry ..

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this is because it is thicker and stiffer than standard vinyl flooring, which allows installation using only double stick tape around the perimeter to hold it in place. to install airstep evolution vinyl flooring without adhesive: remove molding: take up any shoe molding and door thresholds around the perimeter of the room.

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is vinyl floor tile waterproof? i decided to put our tile to the waterproof test. a lot of people ask, is the tile waterproof? and i always tell them they should think of any kitchen floor. all kitchen floors will be cleaned and moped with water sometimes. all kitchen floors will experience spills.

can you use vinyl flooring on outside patio

can you use vinyl flooring on outside patio. composite fence panels with prices. wood fence cost calculator. built in bench seat for deck. fencing quote calculator. how to build a level deck northern mariana islands. best combination for high quality wpc decking.

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for these reasons, it's frequently used in all areas of the home, and occasionally out of doors. before attempting to install vinyl flooring outside, make sure the climate is suitable for the material. vinyl's adhesive can crack in cold weather, pulling the tiles up. a warm or moderate climate will ensure that your vinyl floor stays where you lay it.

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vinyl flooring installation don't worry about learning how to lay vinyl flooring. the licensed contractors at the seven trust can install your new vinyl floor at an affordable cost.

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while tile and linoleum can be used in indoor and outdoor settings, there are some considerations if you're thinking about using them for a deck floor. special considerations must be made for tile or linoleum installations over wood decks.

laying allure vinyl flooring over indoor and outdoor glued carpeting ehow

when indoor and outdoor carpeting is glued down, removing the carpeting to get to the hard surface underneath can be a daunting undertaking. installing allure flooring over plush indoor carpeting should not be attempted, because, as you walk on the vinyl flooring, the carpeting underneath will give significantly.