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welcome to the royal danish embassy in iran. the website provides information about the islamic republic of iran, the royal danish embassy, as well as danish trade relations and visa-rules to denmark.

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iran watch is a comprehensive website that monitors irans capability for building unconventional weapons and long-range missiles. the purpose of the website is to increase public awareness of the strategic situation in iran and to make detailed knowledge of irans weapon potential available to policymakers, the media, private scholars and the general public.

here's why the us wants to bring back the shah of iran

the us public could not understand why iran became anti-us, anti-west, anti-modern, and appeared to be fanatical. the violent purging of the shahs cronies and of the opposition was shocking. iranian supporters of the shah who fled to the us brought with them wild tales of people being hung from street lamps for having televisions and toilets

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u.s. worried israel will strike iran. israel is worried about something

the americans, in contrast, are apparently worried about decisions israel might make in the future. senior israeli officials speak ceaselessly about the dangers posed by irans efforts to entrench itself militarily in southern syria, smuggle advanced weaponry to hezbollah and bolster its presence in iraq and yemen.

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us says ready to lift iran sanctions, restore relations iran front page 14:11 14-dec-19 new us sanctions not to affect irans airlines: cao tasnim news agency 13:56 14-dec-19 malaysian prime minister slams us sanctions against iran as clear violation of un charter sputnik 13:49 14-dec-19


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about us the iran times is an independent newspaper with no affiliation with any political party or faction. the iran times corporation was founded in washington d.c. in 1970, in accordance with u.s. federal

us carting about internet blackout in iran, pure hypocrisy: minister

irans minister of telecommunications has slammed remarks by a senior us diplomat about internet blackout in iran, saying it is pure hypocrisy that americans are promising to provide iranians with free and unrestricted internet.

pompeo warns iran about trigger for u.s. military action as some in

the administrations bellicose, go-for-broke tactics for dealing with iran are fundamentally at odds with the presidents insistence on extricating the united states from costly and

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us-iran relations: a brief history

the us-backed shah of iran, mohammed reza pahlevi, is forced to leave the country on 16 january following months of demonstrations and strikes against his rule by secular and religious opponents.

top 10 things to know about expanded us sanctions on iran

the united states was withding from the joint comprehensive plan of action jcpoa , the january 2016 nuclear non-proliferation agreement among china, france, germany, russia, the united kingdom, the us and iran. the us withdal triggered the re-imposition of obama-era us sanctions that had been suspended under the terms of the jcpoa.

us politicians and media talk of iran regime change as if its their

us president donald trumps dire warning to iran has renewed debate within american news media about whether his administration is seeking regime change in tehran or merely using threats as a psychological weapon.