okay google how do you spell pergola

how is it? - pathfinder: kingmaker - giant bomb

it's one of the first conversations you have about what things will be like in your kingdom, so it feels like the game kind of expects you to do that right away. unfortunately it takes 60 days to do so, and in the meantime another quest pops up that only jhod can do, and expires well before he gets done with the temple. that's frustrating.

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how do you spell pergola? there was a pergola constructed from the timbers of a four- masted schooner that had broken up on the third ledge. - "the valley of vision" by henry van dyke

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google wants its ai-powered voice assistant to spread to every corner of tech. as of today, you can find google assistant in a wide variety of smart speakers -- from the original google home ($69

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for example, to see if there's rain in the weather forecast, say, "ok google, do i need an umbrella tomorrow?" on some devices, you can also say, "hey google." turn on voice search. on your android phone or tablet, open the google app . at the bottom right, tap more settings voice. under "okay google," tap voice match. turn on access with voice

pro tip: use google now to launch your next android app

pro tip: use google now to launch your next android app. you had to annunciate like a speak & spell, say: "okay google, start my voice activated app." providing everything went according

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how do you spell it is an app that spells a word you say out loud. try saying, "spell cinnamon." is there a word you always find tricky to spell? maybe a word you know how to say, but not sure how to spell it? if you can say it, then how do you spell it may spell it out loud for you! the app uses google voice recognition to hear you. tip: tap the asterisk(*) icon to see other possibilities for

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there is a also a book here that is partially obscured by the haystack here that is a part of a future quest, so you may want to grab it now to avoid having to backtrack. -note: once you jump down the hole you won’t be able to return to this level for a while, so be sure to take care of whatever you need to do before you leave.