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how do i build a patio or deck on the cheap about 12x20

how do i build a patio or deck on the cheap about 12x20? answer 4. answered. we bought a house with no deck or patio in back. which is the cheapest way to build a patio or deck? we live in northern va.

15 types of built-in deck/patio seating ideas photos

generally itll boil down to what kind of deck or patio you have. if your patio is stone, you may want to invest in stone seating although wood can look good . likewise, if a wood patio, its pretty easy to incorporate built-in wood seating.

how to build an under-deck roof

his low-cost, easy-to-build under deck drainage system catches the water that drips through the deck boards and redirects it to the outside of the deck. now rune can use the area under the deck as a covered patio, where he can enjoy warm summer rainstorms without getting wet.

cheapest way to build a deck or patio

here is the step-by-step plan: 1. have a plan. the first step in building a deck at the cheapest price possible is 2. no need to pour concrete. most plans for building as deck require you to pour concrete 3. practice. if you have never held a cordless drill or driven a nail in a wood

how to build a simple deck hgtv

steps: 7. to create the beam that will sit on top of the posts, cut a 2x10 to the length of the deck then cut another 2x10 three inches shorter than that length. lay the two 2x10 together with the longer board overhanging the shorter by 1-1/2' on each side. nail the boards together so you have a double-thick beam.

cheap ways to build a patio

sliced wood. build a rustic patio by laying a level bed of sand for a base, covered with two-inch thick slices of large tree trunk pieces. fill in the gaps with slices of tree branch cutting them at least four inches in length to drive them deep into the ground to keep them from dislodging.

how to build a patio cover with a corrugated metal roof

how to build a patio cover with a corrugated metal roof. updated on may 17, 2019. jed fisher. estimate and build a deck in 7 easy steps. by randy horizon 2. decks and patios. even after you buy a sawzall get a cheap one with a guarantee like harbor freight , a kkgood cordless drill and bits i like the torx 25 bit for screws , a flat

how to build a small backyard patio dengarden

backyard patio: the simple design steps. fill with your crushed stone or pea gravel - try to keep a slight grade away from your house for water run off. a good rule of thumb is about 1/2 inch for every four feet fill the area with leveling sand. compact the sand with the tamper, use a wood 2x4 to level it off.