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i want to know how much weight i can put in the attic. i put down a very thick plywood floor and use the attic for storage. i wanted to put self standing shelves up in the attic but a few people have asked me if this will add too much weight up there by allowing more storage space plus the weight of the shelving units.

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deck footing size chart in order to determine the proper size for your footings, you will need to establish how much total weight they are going to have to support and what kind of soil they are covering.

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a typical 7 1/2-foot by 7 1/2-foot hot tub, for example, with a dry weight of 855 pounds can hold 420 gallons of water and six to seven people. that much water weighs about 3,500 pounds 1 gallon weighs around 8.3 pounds, depending on its temperature , while seven people with an average weight of 185 pounds have a combined weight of 1,295 pounds.

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weight is about 2,400 lbs. and put it on a second story deck. the deck is 14' off the house with 2x10 pt joist every 16 o.c. it is nailed and tecoed to the house but it is ove

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6 ft 2x6 beam - how much downward pull can it take? and so the load would pretty much be static and equal to your weight. as far as 2x6 loading capacity, short spans like 6' aren't listed in the uniform building code's span tables. the closest is 8'-6' and 6' would support more, so you're safe using 8'-6'. 6 ft 2x6 beam - how much

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so unless your deck was designed to a code that included placement of a hot tub unlikely , or was specifically designed by an engineer to support a hot tub unlikely , you need to do some computations to determine the strength of the deck before you put an 800 kg tub on it. the process to determine the strength of the deck works as follows: 1.

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part 2: the importance of calculating joist hanger loads. the 12 inches of separation means that each joist is carrying seven square feet of loadhalf the span and then half the distance out, which happens to be seven feet. because you want a deck that can hold at least 55 pounds-per square inch, you multiply seven by 55, showing you that youll need a joist hanger that can support 385 pounds.

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dead load is basically the load created by the weight of the deck itself. this is usually about 10 psf. this is usually about 10 psf. live load is created by all the extras like furniture, planters, and people.

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i've got a 3.5 x 3.5 mtr decking and am think about putting a hot tub on it as we have a blow up one at the minute on it and use it regular so think getting a full size one makes sense. it's built with 6x4 timber every 21'. just wondered if it's possible and if anyone can work out how much weight it could take.

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post it here so the area between two 2x6, 6' long, on 2' intervals would have to be able to support 2x6x40=480 pounds of weight. actually, slightly more since the formula is for 8'-6' spans but it just gives you a little bit of extra load for just in case. since you are going to hang both rings on one joist,

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the total is over 6500 lbs. that is on the heavy side. so if we divide that by the area of the tub 8x8=64 ft2 6500/64=101.56 psf we get approximately 101 psf. a residential deck should be designed to hold 50 psf 40 psf live load and 10 psf dead load .

joist hangers - ask the builder when building a deck and using joist hangers, be sure to use the proper nails. many joist support systems, or truss hangers, recommend nails or fasteners that are approved for their hangers. if the joist hangers your carpenter used are approved for use with the newer acq treated lumber, you should have nothing to worry about.

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the load that is placed on your deck is expressed in pounds per square foot psf and the total load or more appropriately, the design load, is comprised of the dead load and the live load. dead load is basically the load created by the weight of the deck itself. this is usually about 10 psf.

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there is a demo version with the spans limited to between 10-11 feet and 15-16 feet. if your deck runners are between that length or you're willing to round up for a ballpark figure and you can make an educated guess about weight and other parameters, you can probably use the demo version.

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deck joist cantilever rules and limits the distance your joists can safely cantilever or overhang a drop beam is determined by the size of the joists, the wood type and grade of the lumber and the spacing between joists.

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eight tips for maintaining your mahogany deck suburban boston decks and porches blog - deck surviving a northern winter and about that four-letter word, s n o w , see my blog post what is a cantilever and why would your deck want one? suburban boston decks and porches blog - snow loads, may vary. for a detailed discussion of

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in short theres no one right answer to how much can my deck hold? however, one rule of thumb to keep in mind while answering the question is that the answer commonly is that if a deck is properly designed, its built to hold 50 lbs. per square foot. its possible that it could hold much more weight than 50 lbs. per square foot.

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how much weight can a floor support? this is a common question asked by facility managers when contemplating a new file system or a heavy equipment addition. can your office floor handle the addition of a large filing system? for example, a properly designed office floor can support 50 pounds per square foot.

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determine how much weight my deck can hold april 12, 2004 5:15 pm subscribe. you're city's building codes may even be available online. the first thing you need to work out is how much water the jacuzzi will hold in gallons and multiply that by 8., which is how many pounds one gallon weighs.

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how much does seven trust decking weight per square foot. composite decking weight vs. wood with pictures ehowwhen fully dry, treated deck planks weigh some 0.25 pounds per cubic foot more than untreated planks , composite decking lasts much longer than traditional wood. , faq 3: how much weight does treatment add to the weight of wood?

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three of the main factors which will affect how much weight your wood floor can tolerate are: your subfloor, the thickness of the flooring and how evenly distributed the weight will be on the floor. the worst type of weight from a wood flooring point of view is weight which is unevenly distributed and concentrated on to legs or feet.

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answers. so say the hot tub is full of water, that's 2,400 lbs and about , at low weight of the hot tub empty 600 lbs, that's a total weight of the hot tub full of water and the weight of the hot tub 2,600 lbs then with only 2 adults, that's another about 350 lbs, so now the total weight on the deck is 2,950 lbs

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i'd like to know how much weight a 4x6, 4x8, and 4x10 wood beam can carry over a 15 foot span. the weight would be evenly distributed. bob vila tried, true, trustworthy home advice

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any lower and the deck shouldn't give way it's designed to support that much weight. if you do choose to shovel, always shovel in a path parallel to the deck boards, not perpendicular. going crossways practically guarantees you'll catch the edge of a board and cause damage.

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yes , you can skate with a cracked deck as long as the board has enough strength to have the weight of the person on it without bending too much how much weight can a curtain rod support ?