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lay 6-mil polyethylene sheeting over the concrete to minimize moisture migration from the concrete up into the wood flooring. then fasten 3/4-in. treated plywood to the concrete with concrete screws spaced every 16 in. alternatively, screw rows of treated 1x4s to the concrete 16 in. on center.

wet basement flooring options with built-in vapor barrier

to install waterproof basement flooring over a dirt floor, you'll most likely want some sort of plastic perforated playground tile such as staylock perforated tiles or ergo matta perforated tiles. these non-absorbent raised basement flooring tiles with a built-in vapor barrier tiles are designed for outdoor use and are resistant to mold and mildew.

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basement flooring selection. unaffected by water or water vapor, ceramic tile may be installed directly over a concrete slab, helping to conserve precious inches in a low-ceilinged space. another great option is glue-down vinyl tiles or planks, which emerge none the worse for wear even after repeated flooding.

how to install laminate flooring over concrete

how to install laminate flooring over concrete. vapor barrier material costs: the cost of 6 mil plastic sheeting ideal for use as a vapor barrier costs just $0.08 to $0.12 8 to 12 cents per square foot. the cost of strong vinyl tape for securing plastic at the edges and for taping sheeting together is about $0.20

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11 flooring options: best ideas for every room. these subfloors, which can be made from both synthetic and natural materials, are highly resistant to moisture. a vapor barrier will protect flooring from the damp. this is a simple sheet of plastic that is taped over a concrete floor and will help keep out moisture.

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the plastic membrane is installed with the dimples down to create a 5/16'thick air space allowing the concrete slab to breathe. if there ever was a flood it would also allow the water to flow

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is your patio a bit boring? update it with these cool patio flooring ideas diy patio floor ideas and step by step tutorials <<check out the link to learn more pavers cost. click the link to get more information>>>>> our web images are a must see lay decking over existing concrete yard - creative outdoor floor solutions see more

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engineered Seven Trust planks and laminate flooring can also be used over our basement subfloor tiles. they can float over a layer of thin foam sheeting or rubber underlayment. it is possible to glue flooring directly to our tiles; however, we do not recommend this as gluing with a floating floor is a very tricky process.

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cork flooring. a plastic sheet should be placed between the cement floor and the cork prior to installation. engineered panels of cork are now available for installation directly on top of concrete without nailing. cork comes in a variety of colors and is resistant to mold and mildew and is flame retardant.

drainage tiles / shower mats / bar shelf liner

our outdoor patio flooring is constructed of a hard plastic tile that is resistant to mold, mildew and fading. these tiles are perforated to allow rain, snow and other liquids to easily flow through and under the floor to a drain or off the patio.

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hard concrete floor base: you may want something that softens the surface for a more comfortable living or fitness area such as foam, rubber, carpeting, or flexible ergonomic plastic flooring. 2. cold concrete floor base: you may want flooring that has thermal insulation benefits, such as foam or rubber 3.

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gluing solid parquet flooring directly to a concrete slab. solid parquet Seven Trust flooring can be glued directly to a concrete slab on grade or above grade with the use of a manufacturer recommended vapor retarder. solid parquet should not be installed below grade.

dorken delta-fl plastic subfloor system for basements

delta -fl is a uniquely dimpled, heavy-duty gray plastic membrane that keeps you and your family warm and comfortable in your basement, or any room in the house with a concrete, slab-on-grade floor. the membrane is installed with its dimples down to create a 5/16-inch thick air space above the slab, and can be covered with a plywood subfloor

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rubber flooring. seriously though, rubber is one of the most versatile flooring options there is. although it is primarily used as gym flooring, rubber flooring is durable, slip resistant and shock absorbent. that means you can run, play and fall on it all you like, and both you and your floor will come out a-okay.

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vinyl tile and sheet flooring also goes directly over prepared concrete and will withstand even minor flooding with no ill effect. resilient vinyl floor provides a bit of cushioning underfoot and is fairly inexpensive. higher priced vinyl does a good job of mimicking ceramic tile, real stone and even wood.

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basement flooring ideas: rubber. if your basement is intended to be a play space, not a living space, you just might be in luck. otherwise, rubber flooring won't work for most homes. roll rubber, costing about $3 per square foot, is the kind you find at commercial gyms and offers the fewest number of seams.

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attractive, waterproof and nearly indestructible basement flooring. the high-density pvc plastic used to form the body of thermaldry flooring tiles is strong, durable and immune to moisture damage. the underside of each thermaldry tile features nubbed construction to create a drainage plane as well as a thermal break to shield your feet from the cold concrete floor.

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tile and stone flooring can be installed directly over concrete, but most other flooring materials require some kind of underlayment and/or a moisture barrier laid over the concrete. concrete basement floors are susceptible to moisture, either from basement flooding or from ground moisture wicking up through the concrete it's not impervious to water or water vapor , thus the need for a moisture barrier.

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ceramic tile. for ceramic tile, nail cement boards to the concrete floor with concrete nails so they won't move, then apply mastic, tile, and grout. if you feel that despite all precautions the basement floor may get wet, put down 2-by-4-inch sleepers, cover with plastic, and then install the plywood as the subfloor.

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painting concrete garage floor cost: 15¢ or less per sq. ft. for one coat. available at home centers. available at home centers. look at online reviews to decide the best garage floor coating for your needs.

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epoxy also protects your concrete flooring from cracks or stains. and if you eventually decide to install another type of flooring, it can easily go over the epoxy. there are many options of colors and patterns for epoxy. so, whatever look you are going for, you can probably find an epoxy that will compliment it.

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first, test your slab - put a sheet of plastic over it, at least 3 feet square, taped down to the slab all around - leave for 3 days. if the slab darkens with moisture, or there is any condensation drops on the underside of the plastic, you have a damp slab.