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roof decks. a small but growing part of the industry are roof decks. by adding a roof top deck to your property, you can increase your exterior square footage very economically. ask us about the design firms we work with to engineer your rooftop deck.

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roof deck construction methods have to be top-notch, otherwise they leak. if you skimp on materials, get waterproofing or flashing details wrong, or choose a low quality roofing product, your roof deck is almost guaranteed to leak.

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this arrangement of roofing materials - roof deck, waterproofing membrane, moisture-resistant insulation - is commonly referred to today as the protected membrane roof pmr or insulated roof membrane assembly irma . with such roofs, the membrane's temperature range and rate of temperature change are drastically reduced.

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astm standards to assist design and detailing d 5295 preparation of concrete surfaces for adhered bonded membrane waterproofing systems d 5898 standard details for adhered sheet waterproofing c 981 design of built-up bituminous membrane waterproofing for building decks c 898 high solids content, cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane with separate wearing course

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waterproofing is required to keep the roof water-tight since they are exposed to the weather. 12.2 design and construction of flat roof the proper design of falls in a flat roof is an essential consideration in the overall drainage of the roof. falls create flow paths to direct the drainage of rain-water away

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the avalon at cortez hill is a high-end apartment complex located in beautiful downtown san diego, ca. this featured project required waterproofing over 22,000 square feet of decking including an outdoor lounge area, tennis court and basketball deck surface atop the property parking structure.

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we have used pli-dek almost exclusively since 2007 on completely new deck waterproofing systems over wood and concrete substrates and below grade waterproofing systems. the above referenced product lines provided by pli-dek are second to none in ease of application and durability.

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location and size of the roof drains. the waterproofing application in rooftop garden construction typically mirrors that of plaza deck waterproofing. in this context, the waterproofing membrane is applied at the bottom of the system, in a protected or inverted state.

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compounding the problem, the deck framing had very little pitch, because of the low headroom underneath the deck, so water didnt drain off the membrane very quickly, if at all. whatever the cause, peeling the roof membrane back away from the posts revealed the extent of the water damage to both the plywood sheathing and framing underneath.

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that is one of the problems. we build decks or balconies like they should be vented but dont vent them. i think it is pretty dumb to vent a deck, so that means we have to construct them following the rules of unvented roof assemblies. when a roof is constructed to be unvented, it must be designed to control condensation.

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a critical design consideration is the continuation of the waterproofing on horizontal plaza deck elements to adjoining above or below grade waterproofing systems. this intersection, which may include expansion joints, flashings or differing materials, requires special consideration.

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the easiest way to make a waterproof deck over an elevated deck surface with a dry area underneath. roof decks; waterproof decks; waterproof decks creating a dry area underneath a raised deck finding a cost effective way to waterproof the underside of an elevated deck so water doesnt drip through to the floor below, preventing it from