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wood vs vinyl fence pros and cons

advantages of wood fences. wooden fences are traditional and will always provide a classic look to your landscape designs. they're also affordable to install and cost significantly less up front than vinyl fences do. this material gives you a wider selection of color choices since you can paint or stain wood in any shade you choose. cedar is the most common lumber type used for wood fences.

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choosing vinyl fencing thickness and hardware. in addition, buyers should choose vinyl fencing that includes metal supports at the bottom of each fence post as well as metal hardware. unstable wooden posts can cause the fence to sway in the wind during storms, so homeowners are better off with stainless steel or galvanized steel hardware,

how to install a vinyl fence slide over a wood post hunker

installing vinyl fence slides over wooden posts has several advantages. the slides are hollow vinyl and are about 1/3 the price of solid vinyl posts. this method of fencing also saves money because you have no need for treated wooden posts due to the slide and cap, which will protect wooden posts from weathering, rotting and pests.

how to install a snow fence with pictures

check the fence porosity. a snow fence is a lightweight fence, usually plastic or wood, with holes or slats covering much of its surface. the ideal snow fence is 40 to 50% porous, meaning these openings cover about half the surface area. a fence with a much lower or greater porosity will be much less effective.

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when digging holes to install aluminum fence supply fence, holes should be 6 to 8 in diameter and at least 24 deep. refer to figure 2 in areas where freezing is a factor, fence posts need to be below the frost line. it is also a good practice to bell out the bottom of the hole to prevent posts from heaving.

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while many wood fences are installed panel-by-panel, chain link fences come in pre-made sections interlocked with galvanized steel fence posts. the posts must be cemented into the ground, but as you can imagine, installing one big piece of fence chain link compared to a hundred tiny pieces is much simpler.

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plastic wood fencing recycled plastic wood fencing is a versatile and functional product which considers the environment entirely. our timber alternative is far more durable and long lasting with minimal need for maintenance.

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multi use plastic net fence. snow fencing can eliminate the need for snow removal, lower pavement maintenance costs, and increase visibility and safety on the road. a well planned snow fencing program can save time and money. following are installation instructions for snow fence.

build a wood fence with metal posts that's actually

pickets can be installed vertically or you can easily create a horizontal wood fence with metal posts using the fencetrac rail system. just check out our extensive gallery of fence installations to see examples of horizontal wood privacy fences.

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bamboo privacy fence. bamboo is a particularly strong wood species, which grows fast. if you want to install a cheap fence that is very durable, a bamboo fence is a perfect choice. this type of fence is available in the form of mats and massive panels. the most well-known variant is undoubtedly the bamboo mat.

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we fenced in 2 pastures with electric fencing. they probably equate to about 2-3 acres, and we spent less than $1,000 on the fence. however, before we moved to our current property, my goats didnt have pasture. they were kept in a fenced wooded lot that was about a ¼ acre.