best way to apply stain to deck railings

deck staining - its time to apply the stain

what is the best way to apply stain? good question! the answer is - i don't know! that is going to be up to you. there are people who swear by several methods of deck staining. i'll highlight the pros and cons of each. brushing i believe this is still the best way to apply stain. brushing tends to get the stain to penetrate the wood better than

how to stain a deck fast - the handyman's daughter

i'll show you how to stain a deck fast, with the right tools and techniques for the job. we tackle the chore of applying a new coat of stain every few years to keep the wood looking its best. i’ve found how to stain a deck quickly and efficiently, so we can go back to hosting summer bbqs in no time! how to stain deck railings fast.

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how to apply deck stain - the best method

depending on the wood, this may not always be necessary, but better safe than sorry. on an older deck, there will be some cleaning needed. applying deck stain on a dirty deck is a waste of time and money. the best way to clean a deck is with a pressure washer. if you have one or can borrow one, great - you're ahead of the game.

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decks receive a lot of wear from everyday usage as well as from exposure to the weather. while it’s tempting to stain the deck’s floor and ignore the railings, they need attention, too. there

how to stain deck spindles hunker

apply one thin layer of deck stain to the spindles using the painting mitt. work from the outside of the railings toward the deck surface. wipe any drips immediately using a rag. if you prefer, use a thick-bristled brush to paint each individual spindle. be particularly careful of drips when using a brush since deck stain has a very thin

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