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we had been on the main deck, and other decks. on the main deck in the rear, under the dining room, we don't hear noise from above, but often do hear vibration noise. don't know if it's due to the engine, or ship movement. on main deck under the theatre, once a while we hear noise from top, seems like people moving stuff around.

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slightly less grand staircase. once you're done with the main section of the ship, you actually have to go to the promenade or r deck, leave the ship, go down a walkway and re-enter the stern to

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on the carvival spirit the riviera deck is the lowest deck, the main deck is a deck above the lobby. the higher up in decks and closer to the front of the ship you are is were you will feel more of the ships motion in the waters. lower decks and cabins located more towards the middle or in the back of the ship helps to prevent sea-sickness.

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carnival cancels 12 more cruises on troubled ship. forcing passengers to stay on the deck. she also said people were getting sick. the cruise ship company has chartered 15 buses to haul

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upper vs. lower deck: a cabin comparison we clarify the pros and cons of staying on the upper decks of a cruise ship versus a lower deck. want to be close to the main areas of the ship or

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best cruises for couples. june 24, 2014 at 7:00 am the two of you will set sail aboard a romantic cruise ship to exotic ports, while enjoying time together and being treated to a luxurious

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hi. we are taking the hal noordam cruise sept 04 -11 from vancouver next week and our room is on the main deck .. i believe this is called deck 1? is this the deck which we normally board the ship? can anybody advice what would be expected on this deck, the pros and cons etc?..