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can a wooden platform support a 15x48 above ground pool? yahoo answers

can a wooden platform support a 15x48 above ground pool? i want to buy a 15x48 above ground pool, but my backyard is extremely unleveled. i plan to level it as much as possible but i really want to build a wooden platform for the pool to sit on. though i dont want the platform to be high off the ground. would this be possible to do?

how to build a pool deck above ground plans with platform decor 7

how to build a pool deck above ground plans with platform decor 7 how to build a pool deck above ground plans with platform decor 7 image title: how to build a pool deck above ground plans with platform decor 7.

installing a platform in shallow end of an in-ground pool - general

i have been kindof spitballing around with an idea for a platform of some kind maybe built out of pvc? that i assemble and set down inside the shallow end of the pool each summer to make an even shallower area for the kids to play in. i'd run a rope across or build a pvc fence of sorts to keep them in that end.

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so after endless hours researching the internet for above ground pool furniture, swimming decks, and every other search term i could think of, i decided to try and build something myself. more research on marine materials that would not tear or puncture my pool.

can you build a platform to put an above ground swimming pool on - answers

in order for a person to build their own above ground pool without a kit, they need to make the ground level. they may also want to put gravel underneath the foundation for the pool. asked in

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thats a nice change. so now there are special ladders with high weight capacity limits and stairs with rails to make getting in and out of above ground pools a lot easier. in ground pools generally have steps and a ladder. so this really only affects above ground pool users. recommended above ground swimming pool ladders for heavy people.

is there any way to make a shallow end in an above-ground? trouble

we have a 24' above ground. 54' deep. above ground pools make sure you give your diy platform a good rubberised base or slipper for vinyl or plaster pool. you

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diy pool shelf for your above ground pool. i built this on a round intex pool. you can, as shown in video, customize it to fit your pool. above ground pool ideas - in the summer, people like spending few hours in the swimming pool. however, you may hate the way your above ground pool looks in your backyard.

shallow end for above ground pool

hi, i have recently completed building a shallow end and steps for an above ground pool 18' x 52' intex it covers about a 1/3 of the pool and allows the 4 year old to stand belly deep in a 4 foot pool but also allows the 'adults' a good sized area to swim.

build a wood platform for 16 ft above ground pool

above ground pool on wood deck - shade builder. are you wondering if you could put an above ground pool on a wood deck? sure you we want to buy an 18' x 4' foot round above ground pool for our backyard, one problem is our back yard is slanted so i thought about building a wood platform for it.

above ground resin deck kits - in the swim

enhance your pool with an above ground resin deck above ground resin deck kits include: a resin platform surface, resin handrail system, resin support posts and resin step systems. the resin deck railing system is pre-engineered so there is no cutting involved and the handrails are reinforced with a steel channel.

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above ground pool is the best option when it comes to cost, material, and maintenance. check out these ultimate guide of above ground pools above ground pool ideas, above ground swimming pool with deck, above ground pool maintenance, above ground pool landscaping, hacks, oval, sunken, designs, steps see more

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swim training platform these completely portable platforms are easy to remove or place in the pool. ideally used to teach swimming or for aquatic exercise and therapy.

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intex's easy set pools feature tough, durable side walls and bottoms made from pvc, topped with an inflatable ring. to set up the pool, blow up the ring and fill with water. as the water level rises, so does the ring, erecting the pool simply and easily. the only catch is you must have a level

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in the initial invention of above ground pools, pool manufacturers use wooden barrels and metal struts as the main material. it was worked, actually, but it was not efficient. so, in the early years of the development, they always conducted a never-ending experiments to choose the best and the most efficient material to build an above ground pool.

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if you want your own swimming pool without breaking the bank, an above ground pool may be the better option, although they offer less versatility. above ground pools usually come pre-constructed, with various components that are intended to be put together on site. the beauty of this is that these components are fairly simple to work with.