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these tips help you get the top of the joists flush with the top of a beam, allow you to deal with cupped joists and a secret tip about cutting the correct length of the joist.

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for the joists i originally planned to drive screws in to hold them in place but see a lot of deck builds using joist hangers. so had some questions. 1. do i need to use joist hangers or will the screws suffice? 2. if i go the route of joist hangers and i drive screws in to hold the joists and then add the joist hangers for additional support

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all home improvement contractors must die. right now i am getting the raised wood deck replaced on my house. i did lots of due dillgence, checked references, etc. - why joist hangers exist

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deck building without joist hangers? i've also been doing my own research (mainly via google and youtube videos on deck building) and have learned of joist hangers. the current deck (which is ~16'x24') uses no joist hangers and i was instructed to basically mimic his design as i expanded it. the joist are just screwed in to a frame with

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building inspector offers advice on avoiding a deck collapse disaster “you want to see those bolts going back into the rim joist of the house,” tipton said. joist hangers are also critical

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nail joist hangers to the ledger first. fasten the joist hangers to wall ledgers outdoors using 16d galvanized nails. for the joist hanger to perform to its rated load capacity, fill all holes in the joist flanges with the nails specified by the beam hanger manufacturer. plus: learn how to fix improper nails used for joist hangers.

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the this old house hour. season 3, episode 3. october 21, 2004. work begins on the carlisle, mass., farmhouse with a barn-raising (sort of)--- workers jack up the barn so its foundation can be

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the concealed joist hanger can be nailed into place on the edge of the ledger board without the need to nail into the end grain of the lumber, which is prohibited by code. concealed hangers can be attached to the sides of support posts to attach the exposed stair stringers and provide a strong and attractive connection.