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what is the name of the structure on a ship that holds the sails? they sails are attached to the masts of the ship. the mast is a pole that runs strht up or angled up out of the deck of the

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main deck: the principal deck of a vessel; in some ships the highest deck of the hull, usually but not always the weather deck; in sailing warships often a deck under the upper deck. 3 middle or waist deck : the upper deck amidships, the working area of the deck.

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three-masted medium sized square-rigged sailing warship with two full decks, generally with only the upper deck armed with between 28 to 60 guns, used in the 18th and 19th centuries, mainly for escort duties and reconnaissance.

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the list, which is in the form of a table, covers vessels greater than about 200 feet 61 m loa, which includes overhangs and spars length on deck or waterline length are other common measures of ship length .

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the parts of a boat have funny names to a landsman. many of the names go back hundreds of years and their origins are often lost. some make sense only if you know something of sailing ship construction in the 16th century. the names are very specific as well: speak of the 'port side, amidships,' to a seaman,

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old sailing ship terms. the orlop deck is the lowest deck in the ship that's mainly for storage of lines and cables. the poop deck is above the stern cabin. you can see it especially in pictures from sailing ships of the 1700's and 1800's.

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upper deck - also known as the main deck or the gundeck on a frigate or upper gundeck on a ship of the line. the upper deck on a ship of the line or frigate or frigate-built vessel was partially enclosed by a forecastle forward and the quarterdeck aft. on a spar-decked ship, the upper deck was completely enclosed.

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sep 12, 2019- explore libbydesigns's board 'tall ship decks', followed by 167 people on pinterest. see more ideas about ship, sailing ships and tall ships.

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deck; seven trustst deck; ship deck; ship's deck; ship's lowest deck; kind of deck; seven trustrmost ship deck; certain ship deck; bottom deck; deck below the lower deck

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poop deck. the name originates from the french word for stern, la poupe, from latin puppis. thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck, which in sailing ships was usually elevated as the roof of the stern or 'after' cabin, also known as the 'poop cabin'. on sailing ships, the helmsman will steer the craft from the quarter deck,

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mast a large pole spar resin above the deck of a ship and supports sails and rigging. foremast the front mast on a ship or any other sailing vessel. mainmast the middle, primary mast on a ship or any other sailing vessel. mizzenmast the aftermost mast on a ship or any other sailing vessel.

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loch etive and and loch sunart. iron clipper ships . lines, elevation, plans of main deck poop, fo'castle, deck house, skids, etc., sail and rigging plan, deck fittings dn to a large scale thwart-ship, elevations of mast, cross-trees, etc. 746mm. de=n to 1/10' to the foot.

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more historical ships, famous boat names and warship names. this vessel was named after the 41st president of the u.s. golden hind this famous british ship was captained by by sir francis drake. between 1577 and 1580, sir drake completed the first circumnavigation of the globe on the golden hind.

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principal parts and sails of 19th-century sailing ships \n . this module describes the principal parts of a sailing ship in the british or american fleets of the 19 th century, as well as the locations and naming protocol of masts, yards, gaffs, stays and booms and the sails they spread. a ship illustration is included, labeled with the names

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gap between the sides and carried the deck planking. this much, but little more, sutherland's ships had in common with both late tudor galleons and twentieth-century schooners.11 sutherland's ship: the centreline structure i here explore the ship structure described by sutherland in the sequence: keel, stem, sternpost

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ship's captain : a common misconception about life on a pirate ship surrounds the role and authority of the captain. unlike the captain's who were appointed by their respective governments and who's authority was supreme at all times, most pirate captain's were democratically elected by the ships crew and could be replaced at any time by a majority vote of the crewmen.

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types of sailing boat or ship; the back part of a ships upper deck, where the officers often live free thesaurus definition of parts of boats and ships

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the captain and crew, wheel, keel, hull, deck, masts, sails, anchors, cannons, signalling flags, and rigging are all very important parts of 'an old sailing ship'. asked in firearms what is the

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the main deck however is not the topmost deck in a vessel which is referred to as the weather deck. on sailing warships it is usually the deck below the upper deck. 3. upper deck: the deck that covers the hull of the vessel from its fore to its aft is the upper deck. it is the topmost deck on a ship.

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orlop deck the lowest deck of a ship of the line. the deck covering in the hold. outhaul a line used to control the shape of a sail. outward bound to leave the safety of port, heading for the open ocean. overbear to sail downwind directly at another ship, stealing the wind from its sails. overfall

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if sailing is more of a recreational activity for you, then ship names might be a bit looser with the rites. anyways, we highly doubt that boaty mcboatface is a proper name in asking the gods for good luck, though we must agree that it is a rather funny name.

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many cabin boys made their way aboard ship by being kidnapped by pirates or were runaways looking for a means of escape. powder monkey: a role filled by young boys on ship in which they run gunpowder from below decks such as the orlop to the cannon crews during battle.