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the cost of a pergola depends on both the size and the construction material. the total cost for a vinyl pergola is typically $3,800 to $9,500 depending on the size. fiberglass pergolas can range in price from $3,500 to $8,000 based on size. a timber frame pergola typically runs $43-$49 per square foot installed so a 10x20 would be about $8,700. trust outback landscape with your pergola. at outback landscape, we love enhancing properties with beautiful pergolas.

building a pergola: design, construction and sizing

vinyl pergolas typically come in kits, which means the sizes and shapes are predetermined. typical sizes are 10 by 10 feet,12 by 12 feet, 10 by 16 feet, for instance. a custom-built pergola can be any size you like, and it usually only takes about two weeks longer to have a custom pergola built.

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support posts. to adequately support the lumber overhead as well as give the pergola a sturdy look, youll probably need to use 6×6 for the support posts. for a very small pergola with only 4 to 6 feet between posts, 4×4 supports will work. for anything larger, though, the 6×6 stock will not only offer a beefier look and greater carrying capacity,

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build the other 4 braces for the pergola from 6×6 lumber. make 45 degrees to both ends of the beams and then smooth the edges with sandpaper. make the curved cuts to the braces and then smooth the edges with 120-220 grit sandpaper. remember that you can also adjust the size of the braces.

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western red cedar pergolas by pergolakitsusa: made from genuine western red cedar that has been certified by the western red cedar lumber association. we have dozens of sizes available, in both s tand-alone and attached-to-house designs.

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how to measure pergola dimensions. weve outlined how to measure for a pergola attached to a wall or a freestanding pergola. for our pergola kits, standard pergola dimensions range from 8×8 to 20×20. once you take your measurements, youll know if a standard size will work, or if youll need to request a custom pergola size.

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the pergola may someday support vines. i've found some online span charts, but they don't really apply to pergolas, which carry so much less load than floor/ceiling framing. any help on the beam

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welcome to, america's retailer of custom and standard size pergola kits and patio covers. whether you're looking for a shady backyard structure under which to cook up a barbeque, or a modern centerpiece for a commercial property, we have what you are looking for. wood pergola kits.

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how to determine pergola rafter spacing. january 11, 2018. the park service had a tendency to order too much lumber, and building pergolas was a useful way to use up the excess lumber while providing visitors with a somewhat shaded place to rest when theyd gotten too much sun.

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i was wondering whether my span and timber size is correct? i tried looking up span tables but its harder to find, and the ones i've found, i find it hard to understand the table. also, can i use h3 treated pine for the pergola or do i need to use h4? i will be painting the pergola once completed. any advice or suggestion would be greatly

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commercial lumber sizes chart table. the following data is standard reference and size data for commercially available lumber within the usa. all data is in imperial units inches . mechanical tolerance variations of lumber: per. voluntary product standard ps 20-05, american softwood lumber standard. dimension lumber can be purchased as dry or

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that plus its own natural preservative oils makes cedar lumber beams and timbers the perfect choice for your pergola, gazebo or garden arbor project. sizes cedar lumber 4x 6x 8x 10x 12x

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lumber quantity will vary based on the desired size of your pergola. for illustration purposes, these measurements are for an 8-high by 10-wide by 10-deep pergola. you can special order longer wood lengths if the lumber department is out of the cuts you need when you visit; go to the pro desk for details.

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wood pergola kit. diy vinyl pergola kits. how much is a pergola kit? a wood pergola for sale here ranges from $1,744 to $3,832, depending on the dimensions. add extra for clear wood finish or privacy lattice. how deep should a pergola post hole be? when installing a pergola, the depth of your post hole should be about a quarter of the height of the post. whats the best pergola material? wood is not only a durable choice for a pergola, but it looks great in your yard.

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materials and design. as for the dimensions of the building, i never build a pergola that measures less than 80 inches from ground to girder bottom--the same as an interior doorway. structures built too short look like mesas; too tall and they look like towers. since the space often defines the pergola dimensions,

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douglas fir maximum horizontal roof rafter span for lumber grade selected structural and no. 1 and no. 2, are indicated below. max. dead load weight of structure and fixed loads 15 lbs/ft 2. live load is weight of furniture, wind, snow and more.. 1 psf lb f /ft 2 = 47.88 n/m 2; 1 ft = 0.3048 m

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pergola does not carry any load. the trick is when using spans longer than 3.0m 10ft is to brace the timber in some way that it will not twist with weather conditions. you can make a 38 x 38 screen over the top of the pergola. that will give some shade and will brace the timber. sorry if my sizes does not make sense.

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wow, that's a lot of pergolas mark. yeah, bigger lumber=more cost and i don't think the ho will want to put that much more into it. besides, around here some of those sizes would be special order and you never know what you'll get sometimes, quality wise. nice sketch andy. i would rather notch the posts since it's easier to set the beams alone.

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the pergola in this article is typical of what i build, though its dimensions were dictated more by what would fit best in a small, urban backyard than by any respect for classical proportions: its 12 feet long by 10 feet wide by 105 inches tall, with 88 inches below the girders.

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seven trust grade plastic lumber. other pvc lumber sizes available with wood grain $0.20 per foot and $85.00 set up fee to emboss as special order. lead time is 3-4 weeks on special orders. dont see your size or color? please just call us and ask. you may see 3 prices below. seven trustst price is black. standard colors and bright colors.

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you can use 50 x228 2x8 pine timber will work over that span. pergola does not carry any load. the trick is when using spans longer than 3.0m 10ft is to brace the timber in some way that it will not twist with weather conditions. you can make a 38 x 38 screen over the top of the pergola.

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we use only 2x lumber although there are thinner and less costly options the 1 and 1/2 thickness of 2x lumber gives the piece long-term strength and durability. treated lumber has come a long way and depending on where you live you can usually source the wood for a standard 10 x 10 pergola for roughly $250 in materials, a 12 x 12 $300 and a 16 x 16 $400 .