cost for garage with deck on roof

garage roof repair price

this garage roof repair is much more labor intensive than it it material intensive. if the total cost per hour for these two workers is $120 per hour, then the labor cost is going to kiss up against $5,000.00.

cost to install asphalt shingle roof

for a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 square feet, the cost to install a asphalt shingle roof starts at $3.30 - $4.34 per square foot*.

cost to frame a new roof

cost breakdown. labor: roofers generally charge $45-$75 per hour. framing a roof should take around a week 40 labor hours or $1800-$3000 . the initial design process, including consultation, can add another 8-12 hours $300-$900, for a project total of 48-52 hours $1900-$3900 of design and construction.

flat roof cost

to give you an idea of materials cost so you can work out what your contractor is charging for labour i have just completely replaced my large 3m x 12m garage/extension roof. i replaced everything from the firrings upwards so firrings, deck, epdm 1.5mm, all trims, new fasica and completely new guttering.

how to know if your roof can support a deck home guides

there are many ways to add a deck to your home and many locations where you can put one, but one of the attractive options, especially if you have a small yard, is a roof deck. adding a roof deck

roof deck over garage garage roof, roof deck, garage loft

roof deck roof top modern roofing garage renovation garage remodel pergola ideas pergola plans diy pergola gladiator garage hey everyone - i haven't been around much in awhile as i am having the busiest year since going into business - the only way i could keep on top of everything would be to clone myself

how much does a roof deck cost

all in you can see why a roof deck can cost as little as $25,000 but quickly exceed $100,000 depending on your finishes and all of the elements that you choose to bring into you roof deck.

three reasons why rooftop decks are complicated to build

basic limited storage attics or typical flat roof specifications do not meet the minimum requirement for a deck; in fact they are at 50% of that minimum. so the take home message is: unless you have a roof system that has been designed to function as a deck, it should not be used as one.

2019 roofing costs and prices roofing estimate roof costs

only touching on the myriad of roof cost factors, its no wonder the average cost of a new roof ranges from $5,300 to $12,000. nonetheless, after analyzing over 19,000 roof installations across the country, we found that the average roof estimate comes in at $6,364.

what would it cost to put a rooftop deck on double garage?

hi lynn, this would require dings and a permit. removal of the roof and trusses. the new deck will need to have a dura deck type of top. there are a number of unknown variables but you should be able to find a contractor to do it for $30.00 - 40.00 per sqft.

flat roof prices and costs

single garage flat roof cost - £550 vat. below is our guide price for a typical felted double garage, this is again for a two layer system: double garage flat roof cost - £900 vat. to upgrade to a three layer flat roof system, add £150 vat to the cost of a single garage and £250 vat to the cost of a double garage.

cost to build a garage. prices for garage construction.

cost to build a new 2 car garage will vary from $30 to $41 per square foot for standard construction including labor cost and materials prices. for a basic 2 car garage with no custom work involved as well as using regular low cost materials total expenditures will run from $13,200 to $18,040 to complete the work.

top 15 garage plans, plus their costs

the garage has roof trusses and costs roughly $500 to plan. as for its actual construction, expect to pay at least $55,000. 3-car garage with 2 doors. image via cool house plans. heres a simple yet spacious 3-car garage that measures 1548 sq. ft. the plan is based on slab foundation an exterior siding finish.