modular interior wall panel systems


basic modules. craftwand modular system is mainly based on a series of 8 different solid wood modules with fixed size formats and designs the basic modules. the modules have a cross-section size of 150x150 mm and length-formats of 150 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm, 1050 mm, and 1200 mm 150 mm increments .

wall systems and partitions

our modular wall systems and partitons are an attractive, cost effective and flexible way to divide existing space. we offer a variety of construction options to create a wall system or partition to meet your needs. our systems are designed to install quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your daily operation.

modular wall systems wall panel systems panel built

panel built's modular wall system's versatility allows you a choice of wall panel designs and finishes. our modular walls can be expanded polystyrene. we also offer a one-hour fire rated core safety barrier made of steel studs and mineral wool. at the panel joints, you can utilize our exclusive 1 wide vinyl divider strip or a conventional aluminum extruded binder post. our surfaces are limitless.

mila-wall moveable wall systems

our movable wall systems give you the opportunity to manipulate spaces so that you can create the story you want for your museum. there is no need for contractors to setup since no major tools or permits are required; these movable and modular wall panels are designed for the ease of set up and ongoing reuse both for a small displays or full gallery exhibits.


modules are 1/2 thick panels with engineered tongue and groove joinery that fit together to form finely detailed grid patterns on walls. with fifteen standard square and rectangle sizes, modules can be mixed and matched to create virtually limitless wall configurations.

modular interiors custom prefab dirtt environmental

dirtt is more than modular walls. this personalized interior system uses virtual reality filled with data to build the perfect space. yep. it's a big deal.

modular wall panels give designers creative freedom to dream

modular wall panels make creative interior design even easier: wall panels come in all finishes and styles. choose from wood veneers, natural resins, metal laminates and even eco-friendly torzo surfaces. or mix-and-match to create a truly unique space. wall panels can be placed in any arrangement or design.

easy to build modular walls and room

everblock wall panels are attractive, help with sound, and are stable and durable. use everblock to delineate offices, separate work areas, surround desks, create conference rooms, divide event spaces, and build out a short term offices. build cubicle walls, privacy screens, and temporary wall panels for all types of uses.

privacy walls and movable office walls

features. glass panels, or solid panels with clerestory windows, allow you to choose the appropriate level of visual privacy. steelcase offers 9 graded glass options in alliance with bendheim, the largest provider of specialty glass in north america. the full range of bendheim glass options and their varying levels of light transmission ensure

wall panel systems

about wall panel systems at psi, we have made modular wall panel systems one of the cores of our business for the design diversity and limitless options it provides. each day, we work to find new, exciting ways to shift away from generic, dated and difficult-to-maintain wall surface options by customizing and revitalizing our panel systems for bold, new applications such as:

wall panel systems kenmark interiors

wall panel systems. we offer versatile panel systems in wood and metal veneers, decorative laminate with dozens of finishes, along with custom translucent and opaque resin panels. our paneling systems retain their beauty and integrity, making them an ideal choice for back of the house applications.

modular wall and ceiling systems flexmod solutions

flexmod modular wall systems are designed to comply with structural requirements of the international building code, with regard to load-bearing design, roof deflection and lateral load resistance. a flexmod wall system can also be designed to meet earthquake zone requirements.

wall panels: types, sizes, properties

these include both of the concrete panel and a sandwich panel for modular houses, in the form of ready-made walls with a heater and a moisture and vapor barrier inside. sandwich panels are mainly applied for villas and country houses.

inplant offices incorporated modular building and wall systems

after installation or years later, wall panels can be upgraded or replaced to include wall systems with windows or doors without disturbing an adjacent section. with our products modular flexibility to update and reconfigure your structure, youll lower future spending, and maximize the return on your investment through many years

mila-wall moveable wall systems

the pure wall is made for long-term use, constructed of repairable, recyclable materials. mila-walls honeycomb interior makes the individual wall modules lightweight so that two people can easily manage individual modular wall panels. the aluminum frame mila-wall series 100 protects the module edge and provides additional strength.

panel built inc modular offices and mezzanines

the new generation in modular buildings, guard booths, and mezzanines panel built manufactures standard and custom modular buildings including: inplant offices, mezzanines, security booths, interior and exterior equipment enclosures, wall partitions, cleanrooms, modular offices, stair systems, and ballistic buildings.

portafab wall and sandwich panels

standard panels. fiberglass cladding easy to clean panels are ideal for interior cladding on walls in laboratories type applications. aluminum gypsum easy to clean panels ideal for interior cladding on walls in cleanroom type applications. frp covered plywood interior cladding panels often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and animal shelters.

interior wall paneling modern 3d wall panels csi wall

custom printed acoustic wall panels soundcore flywall mobile acoustic control on demand gypsum3d modular wall system office chromabrand - sccchr401 . chromabrand - sccchr402 modular interior walls geo mozaic - modular screen panels geo mozaic - modular slate floor tiles

modular panel systems

modular panel systems have been manufacturing and supplying insulated wall, roof and door system solutions since 1977. temperature controlled systems our bespoke temperature controlled systems range from small cold rooms to large scale chilled production facilities.

types of modular wall panels available for demountable walls

nxtwall modular wall panels can be integrated into existing architecture and work in tandem with wall systems created and installed by other manufacturers. all this at an affordable rate and virtually unlimited design flexibility.

interlockingrock panels for large scale walls modulararts

modulararts interlockingrock panels are dimensional panels that work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. the proprietary, steel-reinforced joints interlock to ensure accurate panel-to-panel alignment and superior joint stability. cast entirely of mineral, they're durable, safe and healthy.

modular office wall systems multiple wall combinations

designed to save you time and money, transwalls modular wall system gives you the agility of easily reconfigurable work spaces with the dependability of a high-quality systems product. aesthetically appealing and highly functional, transwalls moveable wall system is the perfect blend of refined wall panels and storage elements.


wiring systems. two electrical wiring systems are available for your a-wall building. both include ul listed switch and outlet assemblies, factory installed in the wall panels. factory wired panels reduce your installation time and labor cost.