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efflorescence happens naturally as concrete cures. 'i built a retaining wall out of stackable blocks last year, and they are turning white and chalky-looking. when i wet them down, the blocks look great, but when they dry out they look white again. i don't like what i'm seeing can you help?' -steve those powdery white stains on your blocks are likely caused by efflorescence.

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how to stain and finish timber. first, determine the size of the area to be finished. for large jobs, such as an outside weatherboard wall, multiply the width by the height, then subtract door and window areas from the total. if applying by brush always brush well out along the length of timber when using an oil resin based wood stain.

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first of all, stain makes the wall look finished, but the real reason for this is that the stain helps to protect the wood from bad weather. once you find a stain that works for you, you might also want to ask about a sealant. the sealant is just another protective layer that is between your lumber retaining wall and the bad weather.

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although the choices are vast, wood is considered the best option owing to the fact that it is easily available and affordable. wooden retaining walls are as useful as their concrete counterparts. bigger the wall, secure is the place. wood also adds some grace to the landscape and thus, doubles up as a beautification tool.

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deadman timber anchor to stabilize wood retaining wall. use treated lumber for contact with ground/wet surface and treat any cut edges. use fabric liner and gravel base/fill behind. how to install a wood timber retaining wall on your property to create a flat space for sitting, gardening, or prevent washouts and heavy rainfall run-off.

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retaining wall damage and privacy damage identification, troubleshooting, cures. this article describes the different types of damage that can occur to different types of retaining or barrier walls.damage ranges from cosmetic lime staining on wet privacy walls to catastrophic if a tall retaining wall collapses.

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old timber retaining wall restoration- diy hack transformation, bring it back to life.this video will show you how to diy stain a timber retaining wall and transform it from dull, plain and old to

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how do i take apart a wooden retaining wall? ask question asked 7 years, 2 months ago. active 3 years, 3 months ago. viewed 6k times 1. i have a retaining wall, sorta. it acts as a divider between homes rather than retain anything. built the same way as one, with 6x6 boards, spikes, all that jazz.

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staining concrete block walls can provide a pop of color or change the look and feel of a space. whether it's an indoor area or a drab and dreary retaining wall that brings down the aesthetic, a concrete block wall can be transformed with stain, which requires less maintenance than paint.

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staining wood can be a pain the only thing thats worse is stripping it in 2-3 years more pain. i have a 10 year old retaining wall thats made from pressure treated wood.

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6x6 wood retaining wall. discussion in 'hardscaping' started by marionlandscape, jun 16, 2008. page 1 of 2 1 2 next > a slight outside curve. there is a 1/2' batter and every 2' a 5/8 rebar is driven through and 2' into the ground. this wall is retaining a decent size hill primarily clay. what do you think?

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a concrete retaining wall is an important, functional element in your backyard. left unfinished, however, a concrete retaining wall can be a plain and boring eyesore. fortunately, there are a variety of acrylic concrete stains that can be used to transform gray concrete into a thing of beauty.

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julie had a retaining wall on her property that was a bright white eyesore. she decided that gel acid staining concrete retaining wall would be for the better. julie used coffee brown, black, english red deco gel and solvent based, satin finish acrylic concrete sealer to complete her retaining wall project.