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home topics at home/diy landscapinghow to install a vinyl fence. how to install a vinyl fence written by gerry rogan wed, jan 23, because the fence posts in this installation are 5' square for the material, measurement back from the center would be 26 1/2'. « vinyl and wood fences add character and charm to your front yard

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a vinyl fence makes for a great modern addition to any home. wood rots and metal rusts but the worst thing that will happen to vinyl is discoloration. even that issue can be remedied with paint. installing a vinyl fence isn't like installing other fences. the information below will share with you

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railing installation - vinyl fence the vinyl post is then slipped over the wood post. the bottom rail is attached to the post with the 'u' bracket that is provided for this type of installation. do they use a 4x4 wooden post insert into vinyl fence

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installing a vinyl fence on a slope requires the use of the step method: the fence gradually steps up the slope so that each bay section is the same length, and the rails are level instead of parallel to the slope. make the wood level with the top of the post. all gate backrails contain wood inserts placed 8 inches in from the end of the

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i just took down an old split rail fence and installed a new vinyl fence 75' in length. i had this thought as well but my fence had holes 8' apart and most vinyl fences i believe come in 6' increments. if somehow your posts are spaced perfectly, you can slip the vinyl posts over the post and add some cement for support.

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vinyl fence over existing wood posts? i currently have a 5 foot high wood cedar fence that i would like to replace with a vinyl fence. the wood posts are all in perfect condition. is it possible to use them and slide the hollow vinyl sleeve posts over them? this would save me a lot of time and money.

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installing new 8ft fence, re-using existing 4ft posts january 11, if the existing posts are deep enough and strong enough for when the wind hits your new, taller fence. wood posts get old and rotten, and a fence that tall will produce a lot of leverage when it is windy or the neighbor's kids climb and yank on it. installing a fence over

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best vinyl recommends using concrete to install fence posts for a number of reasons. one of the biggest reasons is the consistency of the vinyl fence installation. when installing the vinyl fence posts into the ground, it is important to know that soil is never uniform and will change over time.

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aging treated wood can become unsightly. while structurally sound, wood posts can exhibit stress fractures and weather over time. vinyl post covers: cladding or sleeves is the solution to making unsightly but structurally sound deck or porch posts and columns attractive and maintenance free. - post sleeves cover wood posts on new construction.

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set the fence post into the hole and measure the amount of fence post above the ground. replace or remove soil so the amount of fence post above the surface of the asphalt is consistent with the other posts.

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since fencing is outside contending with the wind, rain and other elements; the fence is bound to get dirty, dingy and need a thorough cleaning. cleaning your white pvc fence can restore its

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if there is a wood fence post inside the hollow vinyl fence post, it complicates the installation. you could 'rip' the wood 4 x 4s smaller so that you can sleeve a vinyl post over and still insert your rails, or you could use all blank unrouted posts and use wall mount brackets at every post to rail connection.

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note: this will insure that both post mount brackets are square to insure proper vinyl sleeve installation over the post-mounts. installation note: some applications require that the horizontal rails of the fence sections be attached to the vinyl post sleeve using brackets.