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the bench a part of the judge's courtroom, specifically the chair on which the judge sits. it is a synecdoche in which the part (a bench) represents the whole (the judge, and by extension, his or her rulings). (please don't downvote if you think it's metonymy; you're probably right!). some metaphors using "bench":

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on the bench press specifically, the side judge sees much more. one of the reasons a side judge moves so much more than the central judge is that he is observing many things from different angles. a butt raise requires you to have your eyes aligned in such a way that you can actually see light coming from the other side, under the lifter’s butt.

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the word also has a broader meaning in the law the term "bench" is a metonym used to describe members of the judiciary collectively, or the judges of a particular court, such as the queen's bench or the common bench in england and wales, or the federal bench in the united states.

why some democrats want to see more supreme court justices

why some democrats want to see more supreme court justices on the court. by caitlin huey-burns march 26, 2019 / 3:59 pm / cbs news

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a courting bench (or kissing bench, or tête-à-tête): a two-seater with the seats pointing in opposite directions, thus almost facing each other. a friendship bench in a school playground is where a child can go when they want someone to talk to. the bench in a courtroom, behind which the judge is seated. bench materials

transcript: rnc chair ronna mcdaniel on "face the nation

the following is a transcript of the interview with republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel that aired sunday, september 9, 2018, on "face the nation."

judge grants $400 bail to man charged with raping disabled

why did a judge let an alleged rapist out on bond for $400 cash? that's the question cbs 2 investigator brad edwards asked the man accused of that very crime. chair of the criminal justice

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arnold reception desks, established in 1989, is the premier manufacturer of re-ception desks in the eastern us, with a broad and varied selection of price points, styles and materials. in 1999 ard introduced a collection of free-standing, modular courtroom furniture that is unique in its durability, convenience, and flexibility.

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the courtroom of the supreme court showing associate justice antonin scalia's bench chair and the bench in front of his seat draped in black following his death on february 13, 2016.